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June 2008

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Industries Affected Most by Power Outages
Most businesses in the United States, and other industrilized ares of the world, can be severely hampered by downtimes resulting from power outages.  In some industries, such as manufacturing, every minute without power could result in losses of millions of dollars. The financical losses incurred by businesses during an outage are the obvious effects, however, power loss can also compromise employee safety, company security, and damage computer or other sensitive electrical equipment. Backup power sources help reduce a company's exposure to risk not only financially but in numerous other capacities. The following article lists ten industries that would be impacted most by the loss of electrical power. 
Just about every industry in the world can be impacted greatly during power outages.  Some of the largest industries can cause damaging ripple effects to other businesses during downtimes.
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In the News

China Raises its Fuel Prices - Bloomberg.com (6/20)


The National Reform and Development Commission of China is increasing fuel prices in order to spark speculation which will up oil production. Click here to read more >>

The Air Resources Board Takes to the Waters Capitol Weekly (6/19)


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NCR Relies on Gensets for PowerFrontier India (6/22)


India's National Capital Region utilizes diesel gensets during peak hours.  Lack of power in the NCR causes supply shortages to India's many vendors. Click here to read more >>

Diesel Companies Lose Fuel to Theft St. Cloud Times (6/22)


As fuel costs rise so does the number of thefts related to diesel fuel.  Due to stolen fuel, trucking companies are reporting thousands of dollars in losses. Click here to read more >>

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