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July 2009

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Parallel Operation of Generator Sets
When considering your back-up power needs, there are several options and configurations available; but finding the right solution tailored for your power requirements is crucial to a successful design and installation.  One available option is operating two or more gensets in parallel. This configuration presents several advantages over operating a singular genset due to more flexibility in the power output.  There may be times where a full load of electricity is needed and other situations where a full load isn't enough to handle the electrical output during an emergency.  Running generators in parallel will allow a wider range of power output to satisfy situations when peak power is needed or when max power is not necessary, which can conserve resources such as diesel fuel and cut costs.  When setting up generators to run parallel there are several factors to consider.  The following article touches on subjects such as speed control, load balance, synchronization and other variables that must be taken into consideration to ensure the generators are in sync and provide proper power.  It is always recommended that the manufacturer or a professional be consulted before setting up parallel generators. 
The parallel operation of generators can be an efficient and flexible solution to satisfy the need for back-up emergency power.  Different situations can require different loads of power and gensets that are parallel can function in many environments where the requirements for power can fluctuate greatly.
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In the News

Nuclear Plant Loses Power During Outage  - Reuters (7/17)


A nuclear power plant in New Jersey experienced an interruption in power on July 12th.  Diesel generators have resorted the plant to 70% capacity and helped avoid any breakdowns to the reactor during the outage by providing power to the plant's safety systems. Click here to read more >>

Ammonia to Power Electric Generators Cellular News (7/22)


Click here to

GE and New Zealand Utility Build Smart GridElectric Light & Power (7/14)


A smart grid is being built that will run more efficiently and will be more effective in returning electricity to the grid when the power goes down.  The grid will be completed next year in the country of New Zealand.  Click here to read more >>

Consumers Paying for Cap and Trade? Power Engineering (7/21)


Will there be an increase in costs due to utility companies affected negatively by cap and trade that they will not be able to pass down as much savings to their customers?  Legislators debate the proposed cap and trade bill from both sides of the issue. Click here to read more >>

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