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July 2008

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Data Warehousing and Standby Power
One of the most important assets for any company is its data and data storage facilities.  Backup power for any data center or warehouse is crucial to ensure continuous availability of data and to prevent any data loss.  A lapse in access to data in most industries can lead to revenue loss and can greatly decrease the level of customer service provided.  If company data is entirely lost, the subsequent economic effects on a company can be staggering. The following article contains information regarding the role of standby generators in an IT infrastructure as it pertains to data security and protecting network systems and other computer equipment.
Server farms need to be air cooled at all times to avoid damage to the hardware.  Backup power supplies such as diesel generators are critical in preventing losses of valuable data.
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In the News

Outages Lead to Losses in Revenue - The Vancouver Sun (7/15)


A large portion of downtown Vancouver suffered a power outage due to a cable fire in a hydro electric power plant.  Business owners are concerned they will not be able to recover their losses. Click here to read more >>

Fuel Thefts in Europe Have Farmers Concerned Telegraph (7/25)


Click here to

India to Extend its Load Shedding periodsMerinews.com (7/27)


Blackouts are to be extended in Karnataka India.  The power minister announced that it will shed 20 percent power in July and 25 percent in August which can lead up to seven power cuts a day. Click here to read more >>

Power Grid Survives L.A. Earthquake Reuters (7/29)


A 5.4 magnitude earthquake hit Los Angeles Tuesday.  Power outages were reported near the epicenter but experts in the field report the power grid, nuclear plants and oil pipelines are still intact. Click here to read more >>

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