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January 2007: Happy New Year!

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All of us rely on electricity in our daily lives. However, the extent of our dependence is rarely noticed until the power actually goes out.  Power outages are an all too common occurrence these days as we've recently seen natural disasters cripple entire regions of the country and leave them powerless.  The Seattle area just witnessed windstorms that destroyed power lines leaving thousands of people and businesses without power.  For business owners, it's imperative to have power running at all times to keep operations flowing smoothly and maintain revenue streams. A cost to benefit analysis would reveal just how much money could be lost without a backup power supply. In most instances you'll find generators pay for themselves after a few occurrences of power loss.  The following articles describe how certain industries prepare for power loss using standby power generators.

Lineman in Seattle repair power lines after windstorms knocked them down resulting in mass power failure. (Seattle Post Intelligencer)
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In the News

Power Loss Stops the Presses - Seattle Times (12/15)


Finding a printed copy of the Seattle Times and the Seattle Post-Intelligencer was extremely difficult after a windstorm caused a power outage. Click here to read more >>

UK "Virtual" Power Stations - Scotsman.com (12/19)


Click here to

Canadian Utility Group Saves Energy? - Ottawa Citizen (12/21)


City develops new, cost effective, on demand power generation scheme to switch between power grid and diesel generator energy supply. Click here to read more >>

Wireless Provider Remotely Manages Generators - TMCNet.com (12/20)


New remote control system allows Verizon Wireless to restrict diesel generator usage during poor air quality days to comply with new state regulations. Click here to read more >>

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