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February 2009

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Diesel Fuel Prices
As diesel fuel prices fluctuate seemingly from one extreme to another, it is always interesting to note what causes these drastic changes.  The following article contains historical and current information regarding the trends in diesel fuel prices and the several factors that impact the pricing of fuel.  Taxes placed on oil and market supply and demand are just a few factors that can affect the crude oil market.  The majority of goods in the United States are transported by diesel-powered vehicles.  Several industries require the transportation of goods and services so any changes in fuel prices can greatly impact a business.   Also included in the article are comparisons of diesel fuel prices in the United States to other countries around the world.    
What actually affects the pricing of diesel fuel?  Read about the numerous factors that can have an impact on the prices at the pump.  See the trend that sky-rocketed fuel prices to historical highs.  
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In the News

Icebreaker Powered by Diesel Generators - The Evening News (2/19)


Mobile Bay, powered by generators, is used to break ice to transfer supplies.   The ship is delivering needed refined petroleum products to Canada while battling two foot thick ice on St. Marys River. Click here to read more >>

Cummins Supplies Generators to Minnesota ElectricNet (2/18)


Click here to

Generators Keep Hospital Up and RunningCRM.com (2/12)


A hospital upgrades its backup power with two new generators.  Combined the generators can provide 700 kilowatts during outages and emergencies for an uninterrupted supply of power. Click here to read more >>

Ice Storm Leaves Thousands Without Power KAIT8 (2/09)


South East Missouri was hit with an ice storm in early February.  Approximately 8,800 homes have been without power for weeks while utility crews try to restore the electricity. Click here to read more >>

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