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February 2007

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The Role of Turbines in Power Generation
Large scale electrical energy production largely depends on the use of turbines. Nearly all of the world's power that is supplied to a major grid is produced from turbines.  From steam turbines used at coal-burning electricity plants to liquid water turbines used at dams, turbines are versatile and can be used in a number of applications.  There are also gas turbines that combust natural gas or diesel fuel to operate turbines in remote locations or where a large backup power supply is required.

A turbine is a simple device that uses flowing fluids to produce electrical energy.
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Dual Fuel GE MS 5001 M Turbine - $995,000
Dual Fuel GE MS 5001 M
NEW - GE MS 5001 M 17.9 MW (21,176 kVa) Dual Fuel Turbine. 60 Hz, 3 Phase, 12600/13800 Volt. $2 million refurbishment to zero hours (docs available). Click here to view more info >>
Cummins 1000 kW - DFHD - $175,000
Cummins 1000 kW - DFHD
NEW - Cummins 1000 kW - DFHD Standby Diesel Generator with Factory Warranty. EPA Tier 1 compliant. 277/480 V, 60 Hz. 6 Lead Non-reconnectable,  Click here to view more info >>
In the News

Backup Power Outage Plan Not Foolproof - mybroadband.co.za (2/8)


It's critical for datacenters who are developing a backup power plan to account for air conditioning units if the power goes out. Click here to read more >>

Increased Cummins Engine Demand - marketwatch.com (1/29)


Click here to

Top 10 Energy Predictions for 2007Electric Light & Power (1/10)


With global energy demand on the rise and increasing environmental regulations, this article outlines the top 10 predictions for the energy industry for 2007. Click here to read more >>

South Africa Turns to Diesel Generators in a Pinch - Reuters (1/19)


The 2010 World Cup will be hosted in South Aftica.  Diesel generators are being used to backup businesses that depend on a not so reliable infrastructure. Click here to read more >>

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