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February 2008

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Generator Maintenance
When relying on a genset for backup power, it is essential to perform routine maintenance to ensure the generator functions properly when an interruption in power occurs. Prime power gensets are also in need of maintenance to promote long overall service life. The following article explains the necessity of proper maintenance and describes basic maintenance procedures.  Also included in the article are links to Caterpillar and Cummins customer support pages that provide information about contract maintenance programs.   To ensure a long and productive life from a genset, regular maintenance is required to make certain backup power needs are met under any condition.
Performing routine generator maintenance checks will ensure that it provides power when called upon. In addition, they can predict future problems and prevent premature failure.
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Pielstick 5.3 MW - Call Us
Pielstick 5.3 MW
Call Us
Pielstick 5 MW Generator.  60 Hz, 3 Phase, 900 Rpm, 264 Amp @ 13800 Volt, Current Voltage 13800, Remote Electric Driven Radiators, Generator Control Panel, 15 kv Disconnects, Exhaust Silencers, Fuel Oil Filters and Fuel Oil Centrifuges. Click here to view more info >>
Caterpillar 1250 kW - 3516 - $155,000
Caterpillar 1250 kW - 3516
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In the News

Massive Florida Power Outages - CNN Money (2/25)


Due to a power grid failuer a nuclear power plant shutdown in Miami Florida and caused 3 million to go without power. Click here to read more >>

Companies Merge to Produce Bio-Fuels PR-USA.net (2/25)


Click here to

Power Crisis in South AfricaBusiness Day (2/25)

Business Day sits down with Buyelwa Sonjica, South African Minerals and Energy Minister, to discuss the energy challenges that lie ahead for his country. Click here to read more >>

Tech Company Relies Heavily on Backup Power Star Exponent (2/24)


Terremark, a 25  year old Miami based company, is currently building a backup power system containing fifty-five diesel gerators. Click here to read more >>

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