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Air Quality Permits for Generators
Any industrial or heavy equipment that produces emissions is required to follow the guidelines set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency. Diesel generators are of course included in that group, and this month's article outlines some factors to consider when operating a diesel generator for backup usage or as a prime source of power. While there are some levels of federal guidelines, it is best to check with your local EPA office or website to determine if your generator requires an air quality permit. The location, size, and hours of usage are all taken into consideration when applying for the permit. Requirements vary greatly from state to state, and it is important to know that most dealers and electrical contractors will not install a generator until the proper air quality permit is obtained. To get more details, follow the link below:
Caterpillar 1500 kW
In an effort to keep the environment clean and green, the EPA places restrictions and guidelines on equipment that produces emissions. Your local EPA office can provide specific details on the operation of a generator in your area..
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In the News

Glycerin can Fuel Diesel Generators- Bio Diesel Magazine(12/09)

A new technology allows generators to run on a biodegradable, nontoxic fuel. A UK based company has made available the license to produce the fuel to be sold to industrial and commercial markets. Click here to read more >>

Power Outages Affect the Northeast-Associated Press(12/14)

Click here to

Nevada Prepares for Stormy Weather -RGJ.com (12/12)

Nevada Energy spent $1.7 million trimming trees and installing diesel generators to prepare for storms and high winds that can cause power outages. Nevada energy crews expect a series of storms which could down power lines. Click here to read more >>

New York Deals with Worst Ice Storm in 21 Years-Timesunion.com(12/13)

Albany New York was hit hard by an ice storm causing power outages to more than 240,000 homes and businesses. The National Grid states that it could be several days before power can be restored. Click here to read more >>

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