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April 2008

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The United States Power Grid
The national power grid is a critical part of the nation's infrastructure. It's ability to provide continuous electricity to over 300 million U.S. residents and numerous businesses daily is a modern marvel of electrical engineering. Although the power gird allows energy to be transported over great distances, the capacity limitations of the system require continuous research and development to improve and maintain the massive network of transmission and distribution lines.  Modernization of the power grid and the search for alternative sources of energy are ongoing and necessary to ensure that the United States  can provide efficient, low cost forms of energy that can be delivered to the infrastructure. 
The demand for power in the United States continues to increase at exponential rates.  The power sector faces several challanges to keep up with the soaring demand for energy.  
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Pielstick 5.3 MW - Call Us
Pielstick 5.3 MW
Call Us
Pielstick 5 MW Generator.  60 Hz, 3 Phase, 900 Rpm, 264 Amp @ 13800 Volt, Current Voltage 13800, Remote Electric Driven Radiators, Generator Control Panel, Exhaust Silencers, Fuel Oil Filters and Fuel Oil Centrifuges. Click here to view more info >>
Caterpillar 1250 kW - 3516 - $155,000
Caterpillar 1250 kW - 3516
2208 Hours, 60 Hz, 3 Phase, 248 Amps @ 2400/4160 Volt, 6 Lead Non-Reconnectable, 1978 Hp @ 1800 Rpm, Air Cleaner, Muffler, Block Heater, Std Engine Panel, NEW Engine Mount Radiator, Click here to view more info >>
In the News

Avalanches Cut off Power to Juneau Alaska - New York Times Online (4/20)


A series of avalanches have disrupted the city's supply of hydroelectric power.  Juneau will have to rely on diesel generators for months to come. Click here to read more >>

Democratic Candidates Campaign for Coal AP (4/19)


Click here to

Brown's Gas, aka "HHO"Opednews.com (4/18)


Is the most abundant form of energy going untapped?  Some argue that energy can be extracted from H2O without expending large amounts of power. Click here to read more >>

South Africa Constructs Island Science Hub Engineering News (4/18)


In one year the new science base on Marion Island should be completed.  The lab will be powered by diesel generators and can house up to 80 people. Click here to read more >>

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