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April 2007

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Feeling like your career hasn't achieved its potential due to a lack of education? No need to worry, various resources exist to expand your knowledge of electricity and electrical systems. There are a few organizations specifically designed to provide education in order to help you achieve your professional goals. They offer continuing education classes to further your understanding of electrical concepts.  Just starting out in the industry? Their are also schools and classes to get you started in a power generation career. Click on the link below to view some of the resources we've collected and take your first steps to advancing your career in the power generation industry!
Enrolling in classes offering electricity and power generation education will help you gain the skills you need to advace  your career.
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Dual Fuel GE MS 5001 M Turbine - $995,000
Allison Turbine 2500 kW
Allison 2500 kW Continuous Gas Turbine, Allis Chalmers Generator End, Allison Turbine Model #: 501-KB, 846.2 Hours, 3125 kVa, 60Hz, 3 Phase, 480 Volt. Click here to view more info >>
Caterpillar 900kW - 3508 - $90,000
Caterpillar 900 kW - 3508
Caterpillar 900 kW Standby Diesel Generator, Caterpillar Generator End, Year 1992, 231 Hours, 60 Hz, 3 Phase, 1353 Amps @ 277/480 Volt, Current Voltage 277/480,  Click here to view more info >>
In the News

Diesel Used to Make Hydrogen for Fuel Cells - Innovations Report (4/16)


Fuel cells become a more viable option when fuels we use today can be used to power them.  A new process uses diesel fuel to do just this. Click here to read more >>

Next Generation Renewable Diesel Food Indegredients First (4/17)


Click here to

Diesel Engine Future Looks Brightdetnews.com (4/17)


Diesel engines might play a role in helping to clean up the environment.  New age engines provide a higher effieciency than most gasoline engines. Click here to read more >>

Power Outage Threatens Cell and Landlines - rutlandherald.com (4/16)


Late winter snow storms sweeping the nation have caused power outages and affect the power necessary to run telephone services. Click here to read more >>

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 Cummins - NEW 2250 kW - DQKH     
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 Caterpillar 1250 kW - 3516  
 Simpower - Nat. Gas 1050 kW    
 Cummins - NEW 1000 kW - DFHD  
 Marathon 680 kW  
 Caterpillar - NEW 600 kW - 3412  
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