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September 2015

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Remote Monitoring Industrial Generators

Many options are available to allow for monitoring and interfacing with a standby or primary power generator set. Monitoring alarms and operating parameters is an important part of any facilities management program. Several options are available for emergency and/or primary power monitoring. The main topics covered in this article are: Monitoring Engine and Generator Sets, Control Panel Options, and Options for Remote Monitoring. 
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Detroit 900 kW

Diesel Generator, 480 V, 3-Phase, 60 Hz, 1353 Amps, Standby, 254 hours,
Unit#: 87063

Cummins 2000 kW

    Diesel Generator, 277/480  V, 60 Hz, Standby, ONLY 32 Hours!
Unit#: 87092

Caterpillar 300 kW

Continuous Diesel Generator, 480 V, 3-Phase, 60 Hz, 451 Amps,
Unit#: 87064

Caterpillar 400 kW

Diesel Generator, 208 V, 3-Phase, 60 Hz, 1266 Amps, Standby, 159 hours,
Unit#: 87103

In the News
Caterpillar Meets Power Needs At Mexico�s Largest Steelmaking Company (DieselGasTurbine.com) Caterpillar Inc. announced a project enabling the largest steelmaking company in Mexico to produce 160 MW of power from four separate natural-gas power plants.
Storm Restoration and Emergency Planning for 2015 (EHSToday.com) Electric utilities prepare year-round to handle emergency situations by conducting exercises and drills for tackling significant outages. 
Epic Microgrid Combines Solar, Storage, Biomass and Diesel (FierceEnergy.com) The microgrid will be powered by a .5 MW solar photovoltaic installation, 950 kWh battery storage system, a biomass fuel cell system, and diesel generators. 
Ways Power Generator Capacity Factors Vary Across the World  (BusinessSpectator.com) The technologies used to generate electricity are similar across regions of the world, but the pattern of use for those generating technologies can be significantly different. 
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Caterpillar   1250 kW     
Caterpillar           1000 kW    
Detroit       900 kW    
Caterpillar           800 kW    
Cummins (Natural Gas)   480 kW    
Detroit                   415 kW    
Caterpillar          350 kW    
Cummins   300 kW    
Cummins   220 kW    
Olympian   75 kW    
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