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September 2014

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Role of Commercial Generators at Power Plants

Diesel GeneratorInterruptions in power can effect just about every industry out there at some point, but they are especially problematic for the power generation industry itself - specifically power plants. Diesel generators are counted on to be there during outages to protect a power plant's critical system and to avoid failures which can be disastrous in some cases.  Power plants that use diesel generators for backup emergency power include coal, natural gas, oil, nuclear, hydro, wind, and solar.  Substations and switchyards are also discussed as they play a key role in distributing electricity. Landfill gas energy projects, or green energy power plants, are also explored.

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In the News
Electric Outages Continue to Increase in Frequency - Diesel Tech Forum (09/19/14) Businesses lose $80 billion a year due to interruptions in power.  This article explains the importance of having an emergency backup power plan in place in case of an outage.
Expanding Roles for Reciprocating Engines in Kansas - Power Magazine  (09/01/14) Due to advancing technology and cheap supplies of natural gas, reciprocating engines will soon be able to complete with coal, gas and maybe nuclear turbines as an efficient solution for backup power.
Generac to Purchase Pramac America - Diesel Progress (09/09/14) Wisconsin based Generac has went outside of the United States to purchase Italy-based Pramac America. Pramac America manufactures portable generators, to expand its portable products line.
Micro Grid Backed Up with Diesel Generators - The Day (09/22/14) Norwich Mass Completes project on Micro Grid which will protect its businesses and hospitals during blackouts and other types of power interruptions.   
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