November 2016 Newsletter
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Demand for Natural Gas Generators
on the Rise for Small Businesses

Natural Gas GeneratorDiesel Service and Supply has recently seen an increase in the number of small business owners contacting us for smaller natural gas generator sets. The natural gas option has enabled individuals and small businesses alike to make a cost effective choice that integrates the existing infrastructure especially if a gas line is already present at your location.  A high-quality used natural gas generator offers an additional way to save even more money versus buying a new one.

We are constantly on the hunt for natural gas generators.  
If you have a natural gas generator for sale, please contact Diesel Service and Supply. We purchase these on a regular basis and we handle all of the shipping and logistics for de-installation. The entire transaction is simple and seamless!  Click below to read more about the advantages of natural gas generators for small businesses...

Click Here: Natural Gas Generators for Small Businesses

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Caterpillar 2000 kW - 4160 Volt

Caterpillar 2000 kW - 4160 Volt

2001 Diesel Generator, 4160 V,
3-Phase, 60 Hz, 346 Amps, Standby
337 Hours, Unit#: 87381

Generac 80 kW

Generac 80 kW - Natural Gas
2011 Natural Gas Generator, 240 V,
Single-Phase, 60 Hz, 333 Amps, Standby,
2.3 Hours, Unit#: 86822

Caterpillar 1250 kW

Caterpillar 1250 kW

2006 Diesel Generator, 480 V,
3-Phase, 60 Hz, 1878 Amps, Standby
203 Hours, Unit#: 87364

Cummins 500 kW

Cummins 500 kW
2011 Diesel Generator, 480 V,
3-Phase, 60 Hz,  752 Amps, Standby,
168 Hours, Unit#: 87436

 New Certification for Facility Managers: Emergency Power Systems Specialist ( NFPA has created a new certification program: Certified Emergency Power Systems Specialist (CEPSS) for Facility Managers. The CEPSS exam is a computer-based, three-hour, open-book examination, containing 100 multiple-choice questions.
 Benefits of Community Microgrids ( Community microgrids use efficient load design, including local balancing and load flattening, to reduce costly peaks and transmission costs. A key feature of community microgrids is their capability of operating independently from the utility system in an island mode in the event of a utility failure.
 Powering America's Bountiful Harvest ( One reason why U.S. agriculture is among the most productive and economically valuable in the world; producing more yield in less time with fewer inputs, is thanks to the advancements in tractors and machines and the power of the diesel engine.
 Backup Power Plays Critical Role in Disaster Planning and Recovery ( With such drastic weather changes upon us, arranging backup power should be an essential component of winter preparations, as it keeps critical systems up and running in the event of a power loss. 
Cummins 1500 kW
Caterpillar 1250 kW
Cummins 1250 kW
Caterpillar 1100 kW
Kohler 800 kW
Baldor 800 kW
Cummins 750 kW
Caterpillar 700 kW
Generac 600 kW
Cummins 400 kW
Detroit 360 kW
Onan 200 kW
Olympian 200 kW
Kohler 50 kW
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