March 2017 Newsletter
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The Unknown Costs of a Data Center Outage

The recent outage of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) lasted mere hours but caused plenty of grief for those affected by the repercussions. The outage caused a disruption of key services for a multitude of cloud-based services for up to 6 hours - including Netflix, Expedia, Airbnb and more. Yikes! 

Outages and service interruptions like this happen quite frequently due to human error, power disruptions, and other issues. There is no guarantee that another service outage like this won't happen again. But, a proper data backup power supply can prevent many of the costs associated with a data center outage.

Click here to learn more on how to keep data and services safe during an outage...

Caterpillar 1500 kW - 480 Volt
Diesel Generator, 480 V
3-Phase, 60 Hz, 2255 Amps, Standby
189 Hours, Unit#: 87279

Kohler 1350 kW - 480 V
2005 Diesel Generator, 480 V
3-Phase, 60 Hz, 2045 Amps, Standby
405 Hours, Unit#: 87159

Kohler 200 kW - 208 V
Diesel Generator, 208 V
3-Phase, 60 Hz, 694 Amps, Standby
318 Hours, Unit#: 87495

Olympian 50 kW - Natural Gas
2006 Natural Gas Generator, 120/208 V
3-Phase, 60 Hz, 156 Amps
1 Hour, Unit#: 87295

 Still no power for 125k customers in western NY ( Crazy windstorms knocked out the power for more than 125,000 western New York homes and utility crews are still working to restore power. Too bad they don't have generators!
 Robots and drones: Coming soon to a construction site near you ( The construction industry is turning to technology to enhance building processes and improve safety.
 Caterpillar launches new diesel generator set ( Caterpillar has announced a new standby power node for the Cat 3512C diesel generator set to improve the power density and more!
 Don't Let a Main Energy Switch Failure Take Your Facility Down ( Chaos typically follows a failure in your electrical service equipment, but standby or portable generators can be called into action to save the day.
Cummins 2000 kW
Cummins 1250 kW
Generac 800 kW
Cummins 800 kW
Cummins 750 kW
Cummins 625 kW
Katolight 550 kW
Kohler 500 kW
Caterpillar 400 kW
Generac 300 kW
Generac 100 kW
Kohler 100 kW
Generac 60 kW
Cummins 20 kW

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