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July 2014

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Phases & Voltage Options for Industrial Power Generators

Diesel GeneratorWhen deciding on what backup generator to purchase, determining the correct electrical configuration should be right near the top of your check list.  This starts with making sure you have the proper phase, kW, hertz, and voltage to handle your specific application.  Since this can be a fairly complex electrical subject, we get questions from customers on phases and voltages every day.  This article explains the different phases, common voltage options generators offer, and how many commercial gensets can have their electrical configurations altered to fit any power environment. Details on how to determine your required voltage and what is involved when we adjust the existing voltage of a genset are also included.

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In the News
U.S. Power Grid Blacks Out the Most - IBT (07/17/14) Comparing industrialized nations, the United States' power grid has the most interruptions.  This article explains how an aging infrastructure and other factors have cased instabilities in the power grid.
Hygen Diesel Generator Rolled Out To Market - GeekWire (06/29/14) The company Planetary Power developed and produced a generator that can run on diesel fuel, has solar power incorporated into the engine also, and utilizes lithium-ion batteries to reduce diesel usage significantly.
GE Gas Generators for CHP Project in Mexico - Power Engineering (07/21/14) General Electric has provided three gas generators to power existing plants in Mexico.  Additional power from the combined heat and power project will be provided to the Mexico state-owned utility power grid.
What are the Flaws of Solar Energy? - American Thinker (07/25/14) Solar power, in the right application, can be an excellent form of renewable energy.  However, there are drawbacks and instabilities with using solar as a primary energy source for 24/7 grid power, as this article explains.   
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