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Four Common Excitation Systems for Generators

Shunt ExciterAn excitation system provides reliability and stability to a generator. The four most common systems are, 1) Shunt or Self-Excited, 2) Excitation Boost System (EBS), 3) Permanent Magnet Generator (PMG), and 4) Auxiliary Winding (AUX). This month's article details the advantages, construction, function, and application of the most common excitation methods. The article also touches on the Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR), which supplies DC output to the exciter stator. Click below to continue:

Click Here: Four Common Excitation Systems for Generators

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Cummins 1750 kW

Cummins 1750 kW
2006 Diesel Generator, 480 V,
3-Phase, 60 Hz, 2631 Amps, Standby,
450 Hours, Unit#: 87587

MTU 100 kW

MTU 100 kW
2017 Diesel Generator, 208 V,
3-Phase, 60 Hz, 347 Amps, Standby
0 Hours, Unit#: 71001

MTU 250 kW

MTU 250 kW
2017 Diesel Generator, 208 V,
3-Phase, 60 Hz, 867 Amps, Standby
0 Hours, Unit#: 71005

MTU 60 kW

MTU 60 kW
2017 Diesel Generator, 208 V,
3-Phase, 60 Hz, 208 Amps, Standby,
0.64 Hours, Unit#: 71009

 A New Power Pairing (DieselGasTurbine.com) Cummins and NRG launched a new distributed energy platform targeted to commercial and industrial customers.
 What Bomb Cyclones Teach Us About Our Fuel Sources (Forbes.com) Having a diverse energy mix is key to surviving changes from natural disasters and extreme weather changes.
 Generator Issues Continue to Confront State and Industry (WUSFNews.com) Requiring nursing homes in Florida to install generators continues to be an outstanding issue.
 New Gen-Sets from Cummins (DieselProgress.com) Cummins Inc. has added to its lineup of backup power generators aimed at the home and small business market segments.
MTU 3000 kW
Caterpillar  2000 kW
Kohler 1350 kW
Caterpillar 1250 kW
Caterpillar 1000 kW
Kohler 600 kW
Cummins 500 kW
MTU 400 kW
Kohler 400 kW
Perkins 375 kW
MTU 250 kW
MTU 200 kW
Generac 60 kW
MTU 60 kW
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