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Global Reach of Caterpillar and Generator Implications

Cummins GeneratorCaterpillar is a brand that truly has worldwide brand recognition. The brand reaches to over 500 locations within 180 countries throughout the world. This extensive reach also presents a list of over 300 products backed by a host of regional and geographically located facilities. This month's article contains developments from 2016 with examples of investments that were made into international expansion and how some of that can impact your decision on what brand of generator to select. Click below to read more...

Click Here: Global Reach of Caterpillar & Generator Implications

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Caterpillar 1500 kW

Caterpillar 1250 kW

2006 Diesel Generator, 480 V,
3-Phase, 60 Hz, 1878 Amps, Standby
203.6 Hours, Unit#: 87364

Caterpillar 700 kW

Cummins 400 kW
2007 Diesel Generator, 208 V,
3-Phase, 60 Hz, 602 Amps, Standby,
646 Hours, Unit#: 87492

Cummins 800 kW

Cummins 2000 kW

2013 Diesel Generator, 480 V,
3-Phase, 60 Hz, 3007 Amps, Standby
34 Hours, Unit#: 87487

Generac 200 kW

Generac 600 kW
2012 Diesel Generator, 480 V,
3-Phase, 60 Hz,  902 Amps, Standby,
108.4 Hours, Unit#: 87434

Installation Considerations for Industrial Generators (ECMWeb.com)
A key consideration for any backup power project is determining where the generator will be located. This evaluation involves many technical factors that go beyond a simple indoor vs. outdoor decision.
Big Changes in Cat's Executive Office (DieselProgress.com) Caterpillar Inc. has announced numerous changes in their front office impacting a number of business units that go into effect this month.
Wartsila Engines Used for 225 MW Power Plant in Texas  (Power-Eng.com) The intermittent nature of renewable generation, low-priced natural gas, and advancements in engine tech have given reciprocating engines new life in the U.S. as a competitive form of reliable generation.
Diesel Still Rules the GCC's Portable Power (ConstructionWeekOnline.com) The demand and need for temporary power has increased heavily on an international scale, this details some recent Middle East growth.
Cummins 2000 kW
Caterpillar  1500 kW
Caterpillar  1500 kW
Cummins 800 kW
Kohler 800 kW
Generac 600 kW
Kohler 500 kW
Cummins 500 kW
Kohler 400 kW
Cummins 400 kW
Kohler 300 kW
Cummins 150 kW
Baldor (Portable) 100 kW
Generac 60 kW
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