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Tips for Starting and Running an Industrial Diesel Generator in the Cold

Cummins GeneratorWhen it's cold outside, diesel engines can struggle to start for a variety of reasons. The best way to make sure your generator will work properly in cold weather is to test the machinery and make sure it's in good working order. This includes checking the engine block heater, inspecting the entire generator, testing the generator's digital control panel, performing basic maintenance, and more. This article helps you understand key variables and how to prevent problems starting a diesel generator when the temperature drops. Click below to read more about how to prepare your diesel generator for freezing weather....

Click Here: Tips for Starting and Running an Industrial Generator in the Cold

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Caterpillar 1500 kW

Caterpillar 1500 kW

2012 Diesel Generator, 480 V,
3-Phase, 60 Hz, 2260 Amps, Standby
64 Hours, Unit#: 87444

Caterpillar 700 kW

Caterpillar 700 kW
2001 Diesel Generator, 480 V,
3-Phase, 60 Hz, 1054 Amps, Standby,
38 Hours, Unit#: 87423

Cummins 800 kW

Cummins 800 kW

2010 Diesel Generator, 480 V,
3-Phase, 60 Hz, 1203 Amps, Standby
121.9 Hours, Unit#: 87334

Generac 200 kW

Generac 200 kW
2014 Diesel Generator, 277/480 V,
3-Phase, 60 Hz,  301 Amps, Standby,
1.6 Hours, Unit#: 87358

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 The Army's Real-Life "Phaser" Would Knock Out an Entire Drone Swarm With One Shot ( The Phaser is a high-powered microwave radiation transmitter parked on top of a 20-foot shipping container. Powered by a diesel generator, the Phaser can direct a brief jolt of microwave energy in the direction of incoming drones.
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Cummins 2000 kW
Katolight 1350 kW
Kohler 1250 kW
Caterpillar 1100 kW
Kohler 800 kW
Spectrum 750 kW
Kohler 600 kW
Cummins 500 kW
Caterpillar 450 kW
Generac 400 kW
Kohler 300 kW
Cummins 150 kW
Baldor (Portable) 100 kW
Generac 60 kW
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