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August 2014

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The High Cost of Power Outages

Diesel GeneratorPower outages can be extremely costly for businesses to endure.  For certain types of companies minutes of down time can mean thousands of dollars lost. Facebook experienced this first hand yesterday when beeing down for 19 minutes cost them an estimated $420K. For industrial and commercial businesses the same concerns apply - costs will add up quickly if you are not prepared.  This article includes the average annual costs related to power outages, typical causes of disruptions, and U.S. power grid vulnerabilities.  Also explained is the urgency for modernization of the grid, useful resource links, steps to protect yourself, and a number of shocking stats on power outages over the last few years.

Click Here: The High Costs of Power Outages, $80-$180 billion per year!

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In the News
Siemens gets 650 mln Wind Turbine Order - World Energy News (08/21/14) Siemens to provde 67 wind turbines for an offshore UK wind farm, each with a capacity of 6 MW.
Projections for Electric Motor and Generator Market - ValleyNewsLive (07/30/14) Includes details on global market for the electical motor, generator, electrical transformer and generating set industries.  Projections are made through year 2018.
Generator Power Rental Market Projections - EE Times (08/08/14) Summary of a report that shows projections for global growth of diesel and natural gas generator rentals to double over the next 5 years to $21.7 million.
Microgrids Deliver Reliability & Resilliency - BusinessEnergy.net (07/31/14) Includes definiations, charts, examples of recent projects and some govt. challenges on this hot topic.   
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