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Digitally Controlled Electromagnetic Relays in Generators

Function of RelaysAn electromagnetic relay is a component that controls a circuit using an electrical signal. It can work as a switch on a control panel that turns large appliances, such as a diesel power generator, on and off. As a relay pertains to a backup power system, it's important to understand the basics of electronic switching. This month's article discusses electromagnetic relay logic circuits, solid state relays (SSR), and it provides an example of a sequence of operation. Relay logic is a building block of the digital world and contributes significantly to the world of electronic switching in diesel generators. Click below to continue:


Click Here: Digitally Controlled Electromagnetic Relays in Generators

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Cummins 1250 kW

Cummins 1250 kW
2012 Diesel Generator, 480 V
3-Phase, 60 Hz, 1880 Amps, Standby
32.5 Hours, Unit#: 87737

Cummins 150 kW

Cummins 150 kW 
2010 Diesel Generator, 480 V
3-Phase, 60 Hz, 226 Amps, Standby
4.6 Hours, Unit#: 87731

Cummins 750 kW

Cummins 750 kW
2018 Natural Gas Generator, 480 V
3-Phase, 60 Hz, 1128 Amps,Standby
0 Hours, Unit#: 71030

MTU 60 kW

MTU 60 kW
2018 Diesel Generator, 208 V
3-Phase, 60 Hz, 208 Amps, Standby
0 Hours, Unit#: 71020

 Atlas Copco to Continue Progress in Utility Support (Decentralized-Energy.com) Atlas Copco is planning to do more in the area of modular power plants, seeing it as a �game changer for the company'.
 Upgraded Gas Gen-Set (DieselGasTurbine.com) Cummins announced the launch of an upgraded 60 Hz natural gas generator set, powered by an 18-cylinder multi-turbo natural gas engine.
 Uninterruptible Power Supplies and Distributed Energy Systems (ForesterNetwork.com) Unlike standard backup power systems, a UPS will provide instantaneous protection from power failures.
 Generators are Valuable Tools on the Farm (AGUUpdate.com) A remote monitoring system gives technicians a heads-up that something might go wrong with an on-farm generator.
Caterpillar 4000 kW
Kohler 2250 kW
Cummins 2000 kW
Caterpillar 1500 kW
Cummins 1250 kW
Caterpillar 1000 kW
MTU 750 kW
Cummins (Natural Gas) 750 kW
Kohler 600 kW
MTU 400 kW
Kohler 300 kW
Cummins 230 kW
MTU 200 kW
Cummins 150 kW
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