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April 2014

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Urgent Need for Backup Power at Commercial Facilities 

Diesel GeneratorPower outages have become increasingly more common since 2003 and the need for on-site backup power has increased with it.  The months ahead historically contain weather challenges to the power grid such as hurricanes or heat waves causing grid overloads.  It's important during these times that a commercial facility has a plan in place to handle an interruption in power.  All types of industries can be affected such as oil and gas, agriculture, telecom, datacenters, manufacturing and many others.  The following article contains information about the increase in outages and reviews blackouts and other factors that can interrupt power.  Also covered are ways for industrial facility managers to prepare for power interruptions and limit risk. 

Click Here: Urgent Need for Backup Power at Commercial Facilities

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In the News
Weather Related Power Outages Double - Washington Post (04/11/14) Major snowstorms, hurricanes and other weather events have contributed to a large increase in power interruptions.  In this article Climate Central explains the several factors that are responsible for the doubling of blackouts in the last eleven years.
Generator Ratings & Implications on Data Centers - CSEMag.com (03/20/14) This article explains why some generator manufacturers have created ratings specifically for the data center industry.  This is especially important if the data center's prime power is generator.
Crimea Installs 900 Diesel Generators - Strategic-Culture.org (03/16/14) The Prime Minister of Crimea has prepared for an interruption in power due to the possibilities of the Ukrainian authorities cutting electricity supplies to the peninsula.
Emergency Generator Tips - Continuity Central (03/08/14) In this article you will learn how to maximize your backup power contingency plan.  Tips from preparation and risk analysis to installing the emergency backup generators are included in this checklist.
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