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Generator Control Panel Installation

Generators with Basic Controls

Generator Equipped with Basic Control Panel
Generator sets in today's world feature electronic controls. The engine speed is controlled by an Electronic Control Module (ECM). This module accepts engine information such as coolant temperature, exhaust temperature, throttle position, engine speed, and oil pressure to name a few.

It uses these inputs to maintain engine operating parameters through outputs. Fuel system outputs are some of the main controlling outputs.

The ECM monitors and controls engine functions only and communicates with the control panel. The control panel is the electronic heart of the power generator. It receives inputs from the alternator and engine.

It monitors alternator and engine operating parameters. As the load increases, the control panel signals the ECM to increase fuel to support the load. Operating parameters are monitored and alarms generated when parameters are exceeded. Alarms can be reset and the generator operating mode controlled.

The generator can be started or placed in automatic operation from this panel. Controller Area Network (CAN) is often used for communications between electronic components in the system. The replacement of a failed control panel is the first step of the process. The next step is interfacing with the components on the CAN.

The generator will not function until the software from components on the network communicate. Modern generators are self-contained power generation and distribution units consisting of many components that communicate with each other. Our shop can replace and interface any component in the control system.

Generator with Advanced Controls

Generator Equipped with Advanced Controls
Generators can be equipped with advanced control systems. Each manufacturer features their controller with their propriety software.  

An example is Cummins PowerCommand Control (PCC)® system. Data logs, adjustment history, fault history, and load profile data are common display selections.

Advanced monitoring and control systems can include generator paralleling functions. Some controllers feature various methods of load sharing such as load demand control.

When signaled, the generator will ramp to no load, open paralleling breaker, cool down, then shut down. When the signal is reversed the generator starts, closes the paralleling breaker, and assumes its share of the load.

We can replace or update a complete control system. Sometimes addition of a circuit card can be added to increase generator capabilities. The control panel and system design dictate the hardware and software upgrades available.

There are vast amounts of electronic changes that can be installed to enhance generator operations. Some are simple software adjustments and some require hardware changes. Contact Us to determine the available possibilities.


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