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As energy experts sound the alarm about the U.S. electric grid, the need for a reliable standby generator in case of an emergency should be at the forefront of your mind. ​When your business is running smoothly, the need for a generator might easily be pushed to the bottom of your to-do list. What happens, though, when a natural disaster makes an alternative power source not only a priority but a necessity? When your business loses power, there is more to consider than you might think.


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is here to help you design a personalized solution for your business’s needs BEFORE you’re left in the dark.Our teamBeyond basic electricity needs such as lighting, climate control, and a safe work environment for your employees, generators power computers, sources of communication and sales, your company’s security system, and your inventory (and therefore, your revenue!). While generally seen as a response and recovery tool, commercial generators ideally exist so you can continue running your business in the event of a power outage.  

Regardless of the industry, a power outage could be disasterous, but here's a list of industries the could be most effected by a power outage:

  • Manufacturing

  • Financial Institutions and Banking

  • IT and Consulting Services

  • Data Centers

  • Food, Pharmaceuticals, and Other Perishables

  • Hospitals, Healthcare Institutions and Other Medical Facilities

  • Military Operations

  • Entertainment Venues 

  • Safety and Security

Whether it's a data center or vital, life-saving medical equipment, or you just need to keep the lights on at your office, regardless of your needs Generator Source has the power (from 20 kW to multiple megawatts) to keep your facilities and operations running. Check out our full inventory of new and used generators here.

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