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BLOG > September 2023 > Generator Sales, Service and Rentals—Trust Colorado’s ‘Home-Grown’ Generator Source

Generator Sales, Service and Rentals—Trust Colorado’s ‘Home-Grown’ Generator Source

Do You Need Power? Not Only Can We Deliver Standby Power On a Rental of Sales Basis, But We Can Also Maintain It! 

With extreme weather, increased demand for electricity and an aging grid, standby and portable power is more important than ever. It can be a complicated industry to navigate, so count on the experts and longtime Front Range staple, Generator Source, for your power needs. 

Generator Source offers worldwide sales of new, surplus, and used generators, rentals, and field services. They have been in the power generation business going on 40 years.

“We buy and sell all the major brand names including Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit, Kohler, Katolight, MTU, and Generac,” said General Manager Tim Lathan, at the company’s headquarters in Brighton. “Generator Source has been supplying commercial and industrial diesel and natural gas solutions for nearly four decades.

“But the sales aspect is just one component to our company,” added Lathan. “We also offer rentals, and field services including refueling, repairs, preventative maintenance — we work with many organizations, towns, cities, water districts, universities, dairies, mining operations, resorts, hotels, hospitals, zoos, construction companies, and manufacturers—basically any business that can’t afford or survive without power.

“We enjoy long term relationships with clients, helping them to be proactive and maintaining their generators on a regular basis vs. finding out how tough business is without power and only reacting when there’s an outage.”

Preventative maintenance, oil changes, load tests, repairs etc. is required to keep a standby generator in peak shape. The importance of reliable, maintained standby power is best illustrated when you look at the hospital scenario where life support systems must be powered 100% even during a power outage.
Generator Source also offer a substantial rental fleet. The fleet includes units from 20 kW to 2000 kW and offers many portable options if you need power on the go.

IMG_0796-(002)-(Custom).jpeg“We have rental units at the ready, Generator Source is ready to hit the ground running so your company doesn’t miss a beat,” added Lathan. “We’ve powered county fairs, a town’s special Christmas event, and greater Denver Metro’s hospitals while our service team performs maintenance and any required repairs to an existing generator.

“Generator Source has the power to mobilize fast to get gear to disaster zones after a fire, thunderstorm or even a hurricane,” added Lathan. “We’ve also been able to work worldwide offering aide to devasted areas like Puerto Rico or closer to home here after Ian hit Florida.”
“It doesn’t matter if your current generator needs a repair, or your unit needs to have its annual service forcing it offline for a while, we can do it all,” said Emett Glazier in the service and rental department.

“Maybe a storm caused a problem with your current power system, or a construction mishap severed a power line, whatever the reason you need backup or emergency power, we’ve got your back,” continued Glazier. “We can perform required maintenance and repairs while a rental generator powers the building.”
Service-1-(Custom).jpg“Generator Source offers weekly and monthly rates with a one week minimum, and if there’s a problem, our guys can be out to the site to fix it within four hours,” added Emmet. “We offer also offer larger units compared to other outfits and the quality is unmatched.”
Find a partner in business with Generator Source. Whether you own a small business that would lose money any time you have to go without power or if you manage a large organization and a large building with requirements, Generator Source has done it all. The company is glad to help power your operation and keep you on top of your game.

Learn more, call  (720) 990-5640 with any questions you might have.

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