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Used Generators For Industrial Data Centers

Data centers are essential facilities in today’s modern world. Every industry you can imagine, from medical facilities to landscaping services, will use data centers to host their products that are used in their respective business operations. Modern technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), 5G wireless networks, and cloud computing require the supporting data centers to be operational. Whenever the power grid goes down, these data centers stop servicing all their clients creating massive downstream problems for all the businesses using these data centers for their own operations.

The logical solution for data centers to remain in operation 24/7 is to have industrial standby generators installed at their locations which ensures their operations remain stable during any power outage. Generator Source does business with many data centers and our customers are always happy with our used industrial generators.

Keeping Technology Running

Historically data centers are run via local grids with backup diesel generators installed at their facilities. AnyDepositphotos_11308826_l-2015.jpg
power outage at a data center could cost a business millions of dollars for a single outage. It is estimated data centers use 1% of all electricity consumed worldwide.

Technology has advanced at an impressive pace since the 1990’s. During the 90’s, data centers were categorized as Tier 1 and Tier 2 meaning their power requirements were 1-10MW. Starting around 2010, a new shift occurred in the market with hyperscale data centers - Tier 3 and 4 - capping out at 100MW with connectivity options in greener solutions. Moving forward, Tier 5+ data centers are bigger than ever. Modern data centers use 250MW of power, cooling and heating systems, and boost unique power solutions. As business models evolve, so do the ways we power modern data centers.

Data Centers Require Emergency Backup Generators

Since data centers host critical data for large and small businesses, they need reliable backup power on site in the form of used industrial generators from Generator Source. Any downtime experienced by a data center translates to huge revenue losses from businesses. Power outages can also damage expensive equipment which may never return to normal functioning. The solution to these problems is in having uninterruptible power supply systems which incorporate industrial used generators, a power switching control, and generator contemporise management are all critical to avoid outages that cost millions in revenue.

Data Center Generators Market Size

In 2019 the generator market size for global data centers was valued at USD 6.7 billion and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 6.5% from 2020 to 2027. A key growth factor for this industry trend is that used diesel generators do not require any existing power supply to be present in order to function. Additionally, there is an increasing focused for companies to overcome the need for reliable power for their data centers outside the power grid. In this digital economy, any downtime for a data center is going to be very expensive, thus, installing a used generator from Generator Source is a logical, simple, and effective solution to their power problems. For example, Google invested 3.3 billion in 2019 to expand their data center footprint in Europe.

Generator Source has several strategic partners in the data center decommissioning space wherein greatDepositphotos_250734690_l-2015.jpg synergy occurs across all business units. Previously we’ve sold four 2MW units to a data center in Texas who need immediate assistance in their power needs. Our used industrial generators provided the exact power solution our customer was looking for.

Generator Source has also provided Modular Power Systems (MPS) solutions to data centers whom needed the used generators paralleled together in order to provide the power, reliability, scalability and safety required to keep the facility in operation.

Generator Source is an experienced provider of data center backup power solutions. Our customers trust us to install, test, and maintain highly complex power systems. We provide high quality surplus and used diesel generators from the world's best manufacturers in the power generation industry. Our technicians have decades of experience working on used industrial generations from brands like Cummins, Kohler, CAT, MTU, Multiquip, Katolight, John Deer, Generac, Detroit Diesel, Baldor, ASCO and more. Please contact our sales team today to discuss your next power generation project.


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