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BLOG > October 2020 > Powerful, Secure Remote Generator Control Now Available

Powerful, Secure Remote Generator Control Now Available

Generator Source teams with Blue Pillar to make sophisticate IoT technology practical

DENVER and INDIANAPOLIS, Oct 27, 2020 – Generator Source and Blue Pillar announced the addition of a new service to provide remote generator monitoring and control. With the new service, OnsitePower™, Generator Source customers can easily connect, monitor, and control their power equipment from a mobile phone or computer, relieving the need to be onsite with the generator.

5f7b47a882b101835381a1b8_onsitepower-graphic-v2.pngWith remote monitoring and control, generator maintenance technicians are alerted to potential problems before they become expensive repairs or damaging power outages. It also reduces fail-to-start events, improves proactive maintenance, and eliminates manual recording required for compliance reporting, among other benefits.

To deliver this service, Generator Source, a long time Colorado-based provider of power equipment and services, partnered with Blue Pillar, an Indianapolis-based provider of Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) platform with over 14 years of experience connecting critical power systems.

“Our customers are always seeking ways to get ahead of power problems and to respond timely when something inevitably does go wrong,” said Kyle Brengel, the chief operating officer of Generator Source. “With Blue Pillar’s help, we’ve found a way to provide powerful, secure remote visibility and control to our customers in a way that was previously not affordable.”

“It’s clear that Generator Source is constantly innovating to provide their customers more effective and efficient service,” said Brad Witter, the chief executive officer of Blue Pillar. “The Generator Source relationship fits perfectly with our ambition of making sophisticated Industrial IoT solutions available without the expense and complexity historically required.”

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About Generator Source:  Founded in 1981, Colorado-based Generator Source specializes in late model, low-hour commercial standby generators, ranging from 20kW to 4MW. As a founding member of the used power equipment industry, Generator Source is a go-to resource for customers requiring best-in-class service and quality. In addition to global sales efforts, the Company's certified generator technicians provide in-house and on-call maintenance and repair throughout Colorado and Southern Wyoming. 

About Blue Pillar: Blue Pillar, an Indianapolis-based provider of Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) platforms, connects industrial equipment to the internet to manage, monitor, and control equipment and devices so customers can create flexible, scalable solutions for their customers. Using over 14-years of experience and unique technology, including its Context Engine, Blue Pillar abstracts the complexity, resource requirements and expense away from the problem to make delivering IoT solutions much more widely accessible. Blue Pillar services a wide variety of use cases in markets that include energy, health care and water.
Contact information for Generator Source:
Name: Kyle Smith
Phone Number: 877-583-3711

Contact information for Blue Pillar:
Name: Frank King
Phone Number: 317-864-7530

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