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BLOG > October 2020 > 4 Reasons To Invest In A Used Industrial Generator

4 Reasons To Invest In A Used Industrial Generator

Used industrial generators are the energy providing bedrock for all organization’s on this planet. When the power grid goes down, how are you going to ensure your business remains operational and profitable? By investing in a used industrial generator from Generator Source!

We carry 200-300 used generators in our yard at any given time. Couple this with a fleet of highly experienced diesel generator technicians who service and maintain every generator we re-sell, you have a reliable energy solutions your business can count on for decades to come.  

If you’re looking to replace or upgrade your existing used generator, you’ve come to the right place! New generators are extremely expensive, not worth the money, and the lead times on new generators are not conducive to common business cycles. For these reasons, when you invest in a used industrial generator that has a proven team of technicians servicing and maintain those generators, you have a winning formula for reliable, consistent power for your operations.

  1. Lower Cost
Cost savings is the most valuable benefit when buying a used industrial generator. On average used generators for diesel, propane, and natural gas fuel sources cost 40%-60% less than their brand new counterparts. Every company is optimizing their finances to increase operational profitability, thus the positives investing in a used industrial generator that’s well maintained over a brand new generator is obvious.
  1. Availability
For the majority of new build generators the lead time can range from 8-22 weeks. Can your business truly go that long without power? The answer is no. Your customers and employees need reliable power 24/7/365. The global power grid is not as stable as we wishfully believe. Unexpected power outages occur every day disrupting thousands of business operations. Generator Source carries 200-300 used industrial generators in our yard at any given time with a wide variety of kW options. Contact one of our sales representatives to discover how quickly we can source and ship a used industrial generator anywhere in the world!
  1. Lower Insurance Costs
As insurance premiums are commonly based on the assets replacement cost, if the generator is purchased brand new, the insurance which covers that asset is going to cost you more than if you were to invest in a used industrial generator. Herein showcases another cost effective reason purchasing a used generator is a better business decision than opting for a new one.
  1. Lower Depreciation Costs
New industrial generators are similar to new cars as they rapidly depreciate within the first year after they are ‘driven off the lot.’ To bypass this depreciation sunk cost, investing in a used industrial generator to make your dollars go further!

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