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BLOG > October 2017 > 19 Low-Hour Cummins Generators Received

19 Low-Hour Cummins Generators Received

750 kW to 2250 kW Cummins Diesel Generators.

As a world leader in low-hour generators we are always on the lookout for well-maintained generator sets. We are happy to announce that nineteen low hour Cummins generators are on the lot and ready to be shipped. Many of these generators have less than 100 hours of operation.  When pre-owned generators are offered at these low hours it illustrates they were used as emergency standby generators. The operational hours incurred are for periodic maintenance and load testing. When Cummins generator sets have been maintained in this manner they offer a long and dependable life.

Configuration Options
  • Skid Mounted – Engine, generator and cooling system are mounted on a skid ready for installation in a factory or enclosure.
  • Sound Attenuated Enclosure – The generator skid is mounted in an enclosure that enables outside of facility use. All sub-systems are located in the enclosure.

Skid MountedSkid Mounted Cummins Generator

Most of these generators are available in skid mounted or with enclosures. A Cummins 2250 kW skid mounted generator with a QSK 60 engine is illustrated:
  1. Cooling System – Includes radiator, surge tank, aftercooler, oil and fuel coolers.
  2. Turbochargers – 2 banks of 2 turbochargers that supply air to the engine.
  3. Exhaust Manifold – Connected to the turbochargers, has one bank per side.
  4. Air Filters – Provides clean air to compressor side of turbochargers.
  5. Generator End – Produces 480 VAC. Rated at 2250 kW standby power in this example.
  6. Power Command Control (PCC) – Controller for all engine/generator functions.
  7. Fuel Filters – offers filttration of fuel that flows from the tank.
  8. Fuel/Water Separators – Water can be drained from filter by opening valve, separates water from fuel.



Sound Attenuated Enclosures

Sound Attenuated Enclosure
Engine components in the enclosured units are the same as skid mounted. This 2250 kW unit is one of the low hour generators in the package. The components include:
  1. Enclosure Lighting – Power supplied by circuit breaker in sub-panel. Controlled by a switch.
  2. Pancake Muffler – Critical grade muffler provides lower noise levels during operation.
  3. Cooling Louvers – Provides ventilation during generator operation. 
  4. Battery Chargers – Maintains charge of start battery banks for starting engine.
  5. Fuel Tank – 4,120 gallon large capacity tank.
  6. Enclosure Frame – Mounts to fuel tank and supplies base for generator skid.
  7. Enclosure – Houses generator skid and operating components. Equipped with Emergency Shutdown Switch.
Package Summary & Details
All generators feature Cummins Power Command Control (PCC) systems and are rated at 480 VAC, 60 Hz @ 1800 rpm.
  • 750 kW – Features Heavy Duty 4 cycle Cummins engine (6 available).
  • 1500 kW – Features QSK60 Heavy Duty 4-cycle engine (1 available).
  • 2000 kW – Features QSK60 Heavy Duty 4-cycle engine (7 available).
  • 2250 kW - Features QSK60 Heavy Duty 4-cycle engine (5 available).

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