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Venezuela Meat Packing Plant Generators

Caterpillar 1100 kW generator ships to overseas meat packing plant.

4000 kW Generator for Nuclear Power Plant
1100 kW Caterpillar 3512 Diesel Generator
Two Caterpillar 1100 kW generators shipped to Venezuela to provide standby power for a meat processing plant. Generators are powered by a Caterpillar 3512 engine. These generators have less than 650 operational hours and were manufactured in 1992.

These late model low hour generators feature:

  • Engine, generator, cooling system and control system assembled onto a skid for complete package.
  • Popular V-12 configuration with engine fueling controlled by a Woodward governor.
  • Digital control panel that integrates engine and generator operational with power needs.
  • Safety shutdown stops generator in the event of critical failure.
  • Block heater addition for cold weather starting.
  • Produces 480 V, 60 (Hz), 3-phase AC rated to 1654 amps.
The generators are in exceptional condition with many hours of service remaining. Purchasing these styles of generators offers big savings when comparing to the cost of a new unit.

All generators are tested to specifications prior to sales.

Venezuela Meat Processing Plant
Generator Serves Meat Processing Plant
In a meat processing plant cows, hogs or chickens are delivered from the farm to be converted ready to cook meals. Venezuelan plants often process more than one animal group. Once the animal is slaughtered it is hung in a room with a controlled environment to cool (often called chillers or refrigeration  units). After the meat has cooled and reached the desired temperature. The meat is butchered, it is prepped and packaged for shipment.

Keeping meat, dairy or any food at the proper temperature during and after processing is imperative. Once the temperature exceeds predetermined setpoints, it has to be discarded. Consumption of these items can cause serious health issues. This elevates the need for constant power supply that has redundancy in the case of power failures. Without the use of redundant power supplies inventory and investments can be lost. 

Venezuela is officially the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. It is the sixth largest country in South America. This country is incredibly rich in natural resources.The Venezuelan Agricultural Health Service (SASA) and Ministry of Health oversee meat processing and inspection with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) meat processing system for imports. This indicates rigid regulations in the processing and receipt of meat products.

Our client had a representative located in Florida. He arrived at our facility and inspected the generator. In addition, an independent review was conducted by a third party. Part of the review included load testing. We passed all inspections with no issues.

Demand for low hour, well maintained generators has increased. Foreign countries purchase these reliable generators for standby and prime power applications. Companies now budget for generators and purchase as the budget allows.

We supply all sizes and makes of generators for the foreign market. Once a generator is selected, we can have it ready for shipment within 24 hours as a rule of thumb. For a complete list of all generators, visit our Generator Inventory Page or contact our staff at 877-538-5430.


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