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BLOG > May 2021 > 2021 Texas Power Crisis / ERCOT Analysis

2021 Texas Power Crisis / ERCOT Analysis

Winter Storm Uri was a major winter storm with widespread impacts across the United States, especially in Texas. The 2021 Texas power crisis left more than 4.5 million homes and businesses without power. This massive electricity generation failure resulted in shortages of water, food, and heat causing financial pain for millions of people. Events like this continue to remind society how important and necessary reliable power is in navigating daily life. By investing in an used industrial generator you will safeguard your business and family the next time mother nature strikes.


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We recommend to never depend on the state for reliable power - the 2021 Texas power crisis was especially hard for businesses without a reliable used generator already installed at their facility. Texas also elected to have it’s own isolated power grind outside of the two major nationals grids in an effort to avoid federal oversight. This decision made it difficult for Texas to import electricity from other states when it’s residents needed the support. The damages from the blackouts were estimated at $195 billion, making this storm the costliest disaster in Texas history.


Two months after Winter Storm Uri, the effects are still being felt around Texas. In April, ERCOT warned Texans that the state’s power grid was in trouble. ERCOT was on the verge of issuing an emergency declaration due to inaccurate power generation forecasts from months past along with the closure of local power plants for planned maintenance.

Due to a combination of high generation outages typical in April and higher than forecasted demand from a stalled cold front over Texas, ERCOT may enter into emergency conditions this afternoon.” - Woody Rockerson - ERCOT vice president.

Energy demand for Texas residents in April has been near 49,000 megawatts while the available energy supply from the state’s power grind is around 50,000 megawatts. During the February winter storm, the energy demand for Texas was 72,000 megawatts. For Texas residents, it’s important to understand the state’s daily energy demand closely mirrors the available supply. This can be dangerous territory when you need power for your operation but the state’s power supply is maxed out. Thus the only effective solution to avoid the frailties caused by the state is to invest in a used industry standby generator from Generator Source. A successful business should strive to control everything they can regarding their operations, which includes electricity, and not rely on an organization like ERCOT.

ERCOT faces at least 35 lawsuits concerning it’s handling of Winter Storm Uri. Six board members have since resigned and the chief executive was fired. Clearly this powerful storm showcases state organizations can be ineffective when it comes to power supply. Take your power back and become a sovereign operation by investing in a used industrial standby generator from Generator Source!

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