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BLOG > May 2019 > Temporary Generators Available for Power Failures

Temporary Generators Available for Power Failures

Utility power failures happen for a variety of reasons. Severe weather can cripple an electrical infrastructure causing extended power outages. Temporary generators are available to support extra needs of a heavily damaged electrical infrastructure.

Causes of Utility Power Failures

Building Encounter with Tornado
Understanding the causes and possible length of power failures can aid in calculating the need for additional electrical power during extended outages. There is a long list of events that can cause a utility power outage. Some of the categories can be:
  • Acts of Nature
  • Equipment Failure & Repair
  • Accidental Destruction

Accident, Failure & Repair

Accidents are usually attributed to human error. Circumstances around the occurrence affect how long the power outage exists. A vehicle knocking an electrical pole down with a transformer can result in a short-term power outage. While damage to a substation (such as fire from the adjoining structure) can result in a longer-term outage.

Failure and repairs go hand in hand with one another. Infrastructure equipment is maintained to lengthen the lifespan. However, individual pieces must be replaced when reaching the end of the predicted life. Power can be secured during large jobs that affect a portion of the grid. Equipment failure is a minimal cause of outages, but it does happen. A transformer tripped off-line in Florida and caused a huge electrical arc. The fire department was dispatched but the arc flash did not ignite a fire. Go to our January 2019 Blog for more information.

Acts of Nature

Many utility power outages are attributed to severe weather. The Untied-States hosts multiple forms of weather fronts that can result in the widespread or localized loss of power. Some examples of dangerous, destructive weather are:
  • Hurricanes - Constant high-speed winds over a long period of time batter the coast. Accompanying storm surges cause localized flooding. The water and the debris in the water can cause as much damage as the wind. Inland communities can experience flooding from high rainfall and severe thunderstorms.
  • Tornadoes - Funnel clouds that develop in when weather conditions are correct. Often develop in severe thunderstorms. The funnel can have wind speeds from 40 to 318 mph and be up to a mile wide. Structures are can be completely destroyed with a direct hit. The path can be difficult to predict.
  • Winter Fronts - Heavy snows in the mountains in the winter months can cause flash flooding conditions during the melt. Ice storms can cause trees to fall and break power lines and poles. Heavy snows followed by heavy rain can cause lakes, rivers and streams to flood.
The Weather Channel created Record Cold, Snow, Flooding and Tornadoes: Why the Midwest and Plains Have Been Most Extreme Weather Regions in 2019 Article. This document explains the polar vortex that occurred in the winter, flooding because of melting snows, and increased tornado activity, past, and future. 

Generator Source has been in the generator business for over 35 years. We offer pre-owned generators for an initial purchase cost savings. All pre-owned generators must pass a 31-point inspection prior to sales. Contact Us for questions or more information on our programs. Below is information on short-term power needs.

Temporary Power SolutionsGenerac 150 kW Portable Generator

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) requires industrial buildings to have an emergency power supply. They classify businesses into two categories. Level 1 buildings need power at all times and its operations are critical to human life. Hospitals are a good example of a Level 1 building. Level 2 building systems are less critical to human safety. 

Many industries have a Level 1 system. The emergency power generation equipment only supplies electricity to pre-established vital circuits. Emergency lighting for egress, fire protection & building security systems are commonly on the emergency circuits. Industry with this style of system cannot run production equipment during utility outages.

Lengthy utility power outage to an otherwise undamaged facility can cost lost revenue. The cost of downtime can quickly outweigh the cost of a rental or lease generator. The downtime equation can include loss of production, possible loss of employees, possible loss of customers. 

Generator Source is responsible for generator rentals. We feature generators from 20 to 2000 kW. Outdoor units are in a weather-resistant or weather-proof container. Portable units are available and have ball & hitch, ring and pintle or 5th wheel connections depending on the size of the unit. Ready to be connected to a vehicle and transported. 

Fuel tanks are standard equipment for portable and most stationary units. Once the generator arrives on site it can be leveled, connected to building grid and started to assume the load. Buildings equipped with a Level 1 emergency power generation system can have an operational generator. To power production equipment they must rent or lease additional generators. Our experienced staff can provide options to power your facility so it can resume operations. Go to Service & Consulting for more information.

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