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BLOG > May 2018 > Summer Storms are Here with Floods & More

Summer Storms are Here with Floods & More

Every region has a different type of storm. Make sure emergency power is available when a storm hits your area.

Severe Weather Types & Recent Storms

Every region of the United States is affected by storms in the summer. While not all regions have the same weather, all have a form of extreme weather conditions. The following severe weather occurs across the continent:
  • Thunderstorms - Rain showers in which thunder can be heard. Lightning accompanies this type of storm. Severe thunderstorms contain winds over 57.5 mph. There are approximately 100,000 thunderstorms per year in the United States with 10% reaching the severe level.
  • Tornadoes - A column of rapidly rotating air extending from severe thunderstorm clouds to the ground. Tornado speeds range from 40 to 318 mph. Approximately 1,200 tornadoes are spawned each year in the United States.
  • Floods - Overflowing of water onto land that is normally dry. Floods can occur quickly and can last for long periods of time. Flash floods cause damage because of water level and an initial wave. Floods occur in every region of the continent. 
  • Lightning - Basically a giant spark of static electricity generated from storm movement. The temperature of a lightning bolt can be up to 18,000 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Winds - Including hurricanes, straight-line, microbursts, and haboobs. Straight-line winds and microbursts are damaging wind events. Hurricanes are wind events with flooding, heavy rain, and can generate severe thunderstorms. Haboobs offer heavy winds saturated with sand and debris.
Recent storms across the US and surrounding islands are already experiencing outages and other issues from tornadoes, tropical storms and downpours from thunderstorms. Flooding has been occuring in parts of the Florida panhandle as well as historic flooding in Elliott, Maryland a few days ago.

For complete information on severe weather, also be sure to visit the National Severe Storms Laboratory (NSSL) to see some of the tools and systems they are now using.

Prepare for Power Outages with a Generator
Emergency Generators
Power failures can range from short to long term events. Short term power outages include downed power poles, transformer fuses blown, and control equipment failures at sub-stations. Flooding and hurricanes are big contributors to extended power outages because of major damage to the electrical infrastructure. Heavy rains causing extreme flooding can affect businesses and residences alike. 

Storms and severe weather are major contributors to loss of electricity. Emergency generators supply backup power in the event the electrical grid fails. Make sure your backup generator is maintained and load tested at intervals that reflect the season and manufacturer's requirements.

Generator Source offers a complete line of new, surplus and low-hour used generators. Some of these generators only have maintenance running hours. We can supply all of your power generation needs including: system design, product, installation, upgrade, and troubleshooting services. All generator sets are inspected and load tested prior to shipping. We can ship products in short order to accommodate all emergency power needs.

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