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BLOG > March 2018 > Dairy Farm Installs Backup Diesel Generator

Dairy Farm Installs Backup Diesel Generator

Dairy farms are a production facility and require backup power.

History of Dairy Farms and Facilities

Milk Production
Dairy farming is a very old industry developed in Europe in approximately 6000 BC. All mammals produce milk. Cow, goat, sheep and camel milk is harvested throughout the world. Cow's milk is the most common in dairy farms across the United States and Canada. 

The origination of dairy began with farmers producing extra product and delivering it to local town for sales. In the days, all cows were hand milked. The milk was placed in barrels and delivered to town for sale. Cows must be milked twice a day. If not milked twice a day they can develop mastitis (inflammation of the udder). The milking schedule kept herds and dairy to manageable size, dedicated by available personal.

In the early 1900's vacuum bucket milking was introduced. A bucket is attached to the cow by means of a strap. The bucket had udder attachments. This allowed for multiple cows to be milked at once. After milking each cow, the contents of the bucket had to be dumped into a tank. Milk was cooled and picked up by a tanker truck and transported for pasteurization and bottling.

In the 20th century, industry innovations matched any automated production facility. Boasting automated milking pipelines and employing special milking parlors that are 100% automated. These advances allow todays dairy farms to:
  • Produce Milk - Includes herd management, milking operations and cooling milk
  • Pasteurization - Heating milk to appropriate temperature for processing
  • Processing - From bottling milk to produce in cheese and milk byproducts
Backup Power Requirements for Dairy Facilities
800 kW Generator
The advancements in dairy farming, milk and milk by-product production require dependable power. When utility power fails the following are affected in a large diary farm operations and facilities:
  • Cows must be hand milked
  • No cooling for milk
  • No pasteurization capabilities
  • All milk by-product production stopped.
Most dairy farms are in remote locations. A diesel generator in a sound attenuated enclosure can answer emergency power requirements. We recently supplied an 800 kW generator to a dairy farm in the US. 

This generator features a 2,000-gallon fuel tank for extended operation. The low hours on the unit ensure reliable backup power needed by the industry. Digital control allows for ease of operation via a Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) during power loss. 

The advancements in this industry allow us to supply clients with backup generators. Customers that employ an emergency generator(s) as part of their design will not suffer because of power outages. Give us a call and we can help design and install the backup power generation system to ensure production does not suffer during a utility outage.

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