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BLOG > July 2021 > Emergency Used Generators For Business Disaster Planning

Emergency Used Generators For Business Disaster Planning

Modern day businesses are dependent on electricity for normal daily operations. Without electrical powerDepositphotos_91247568_l-2015-(1).jpg it would be impossible for the modern economy to function. Without electrical power it would be impossible for the modern economy to function. Since electrical power is foundational for all modern day businesses to succeed it’s important to have a disaster recovery plan should a business disaster take place.

A disaster recovery plan is a well documented process of procedures designed to protect and recover a business IT environment in the event of any disaster. Oftentimes these disasters cause the power grid to go down thereby halting business operations. The plan is essentially an instruction guide that all employees should follow to ensure everyone on-side is safe and secure. Oftentimes when formulating such plans a used industrial generator is purchased to ensure the business is unaffected from the grid going down.

In disaster recovery plans, there are two scenarios a smart business should take to ensure operations remain running. The first option would be to have a permanent on-site electrical power system in the form of a used industrial generator from Generator Source. The second option would be working with a local generator rental company to supply a generator when the power goes out. Generator Source offers rental services to our local Colorado customers.


Benefits Of Permanently Installed Used Generator


A permanently installed automatic emergency generator system has several benefits. With proper maintenance schedules, you can expect a used generator to automatically provide backup power when the grid goes down. This benefits eliminates the need to search for local used generator rental companies since you have one already installed at your facility.

If you were to pursue the industrial generator rental route, you’ll need to have the ability to disconnect the utility power feed from the panel, plus have the ability to quickly tie a portable trailer generator to it. This type of project implies extensive pre-planning and electrical work. In times of high demand it will be difficult finding a local rental generator for your needs. For this reason it’s much wiser to invest in a permanently installed used industrial generator from Generator Source.


If your organization is interested in an electrical backup plan, there are a few steps which should beDepositphotos_87229244_l-2015.jpg taken. Firstly, assign a responsible party to lead the project. Secondly, survey all items in your building that need to operate during any power failure. Business critical items typically include lighting, computers, and phone systems. Thirdly, run a sizing analysis to determine the size requirements the used industrial generator should have. 

Whether you are planning to use a rental generator or have a permanent used generator installed at your facility, it’s important to work with a trusted electrician to help with the install, clarify any questions you may have, and help find alternative solutions to your electrical needs.
Once the used industrial generator is sized, budgeted, and there is a strong understanding from the electrician regarding installation cost, an overall decision to move forward can be made.

If your organization elects to install a permanent used industrial generator at your location, it’s sensible to deploy a maintenance program to ensure the equipment runs optimally and for a long time.



There are numerous benefits in having a used backup generator installed at your facility but there is a lot of pre-planning involved. It’s critical key-decision makers are involved in creating a disaster recovery plan. Such plans helps to ensure your company recovers quickly from the negative economic effects of power outages.

Having a good electrical disaster plan requires up-front due diligence, planning, documentation, regular review, and a person whose primary responsibility is seeing the project through.

The team here at Generator Source can help and guide you through the entire process! We’ll source the best used industrial generator for your needs quickly, so contact us today!  




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