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BLOG > July 2018 > Tornadoes Hit the Midwest Causing Outages

Tornadoes Hit the Midwest Causing Outages

Generators provide emergency power when tornado strikes include utilities.

Tornado Hits Idaho and Knocks Out Power

Utility Damage

It's that time of year again... last month the Idaho State Journal reported that multiple tornadoes touched down in East Idaho on Sunday, June 3, 2018.  At least four tornadoes touched down in East Idaho in a span of 90-minutes. A single tornado touch-down in Idaho is rare.

The tornado this year was considered an EF-1 with wind speeds from 86 to 110 mph. The damages from this type of storm are minimal. Damages could be downed power lines and/or poles. States that are in tornado alley experience the full spectrum of tornadoes (EF-1 to EF-5). Wind speeds have been clocked at 322 mph. The scale classifies the damage levels range from "minor to incredible". Numbers of tornado strikes across the United States range from 2 to 150 per state, per year, depending the state's geographical location.

On a previous occurrence, the weather station in Blackfoot, Idaho reported a storm that passed through on June 9, 2016 around 2:00 a.m. Wind micro-bursts of 56 mph were recorded. Rocky Mountain Power reported that power was restored to customers at 2:00 p.m.

Idaho Power reported that 2,500 customers lost power because of the tornado. At 11:15 an update was issued showing that 1,130 customers were still without power.

The 2016 and 2018 storms in Idaho illustrate the power outages caused by small multiple tornadoes and the accompanying storm front. A small intense tornado can demolish a sub-station causing a wide spread power outage. A large less intense tornado can take out power lines and power poles over a large area. Examples vary, but all have one thing in common: the loss of power. The length of loss is determined by the amount of damage.  

Planning with an Emergency Power Generator

Generator Shipping

Standby, backup and emergency power all share the same meaning. Power is typically supplied to a facility, residence, or municipality by a local utility.  When severe weather damages utility infrastructure, the power is often interrupted. Natural gas and diesel powered generators help provide a solution to the problems that occur during a loss of utility power. These units are offered in a variety of sizes and styles. Sound attenuated models offer a complete system located in an enclosure. Diesel powered generators feature appropriate size fuel tanks. Systems on skids are ready for installation into buildings. Automatic transfer switches also help to automate the task of sensing outages and starting up a generator when they occur.  And portable generator sets allow for towing to the affected site. 

Low-how natural gas and diesel generators offer dependable performance at a price lower than new generator sets. We conduct a 31-point inspection on each generator located at our facility Our generators are ready to ship on demand. We can often ship a generator within 24 hours of the order. Click to view generators we have in-stock: We also offer rental generators for temporary power solutions in certain areas of the country. Our shop can provide connection modifications and many other technical services. Contact Us for all your power generation needs.


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