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BLOG > January 2021 > Used Generators For Backing Up COVID Vaccine Freezers

Used Generators For Backing Up COVID Vaccine Freezers

The global pandemic has thrusted new energy problems to solve as the world rushes to vaccinate it’s people. Here at Generator Source, our used industrial generators are being used to provide backup power to COVID vaccine freezers. The backup power provided by our used industrial generators ensure the COVID vaccines remain at proper temperatures. The energy requirements in storing COVID vaccines is substantial. In the event of a power outage the freezers would not maintain adequate temperature levels to keep the vaccines viable for the general public. For these reasons, companies are investing in Generator Source’s used industrial generators to keep their vaccine inventory safe when the power grid fails. We’re proud to play an important role during this global pandemic as our used industrial generators help millions of people be safely and effectively vaccinated.

Lab Refrigerator and Freezers in a Power Outage

When the power grid goes down at any lab containing COVID vaccines in ultra-low temperature Depositphotos_33877331_l-2015.jpgfreezers, the outage may lead to flammable or toxic vapors escaping. These effects would ruin the vaccine's effectiveness while causing other harmful downstream effects on the business and it’s employees. To mitigate such a disaster from happening, it’s paramount for labs across the globe to have reliable backup power installed at their locations in the form of industrial standby generators. Thankfully, Generator Source carries 200-300 used industrial generators at any given time - so we’ll have the perfect size used generator for your needs!

What are ultra-low freezers?

These types of freezers are used in medical facilities, hospitals, and epidemic prevention services and typically have a temperature of -45C to -86C.* Each freezer can hold at full capacity 40,000 - 50,000 microtubes, which is substantial. In the event of a power grid failure and the freezer loses power, this would result in a massive loss of money due to the vaccines becoming inert. This fact highlights the importance of investing in a used industrial generator to keep COVID vaccines safe and usable for the general population.

Industrial generator backup power systems are necessary for ultra-low freezers operations. Many samples inside the freezers are irreplaceable and took years of hard work and research to create. These freezers use compressors and internal systems to keep the samples safe while the power is on, however, when a power outage occurs, these systems cannot keep the freezer at a cold enough temperature to safeguard the vaccines.* Again, this stresses the importance of having a reliable, used industrial backup generator installed at the freezers location.  

How much energy does an ultra-low freezer use?

Since these specialized freezers produce low temperatures, they consume high levels of electrical energy Depositphotos_152094466_l-2015.jpgper day. According to a Colorado college study, these freezers consume 15kHWh/day to 32kWH/day. Per year the average consumption is 3,233 (kWH) to 6,205.* Since these ultra-low freezer systems consume so much electricity, the system requires
a large industrial backup generator installed to handle the extensive electricity requirements in the event of a power outage.

The team at Generator Source is here to help with your power needs! Please contact our team to discuss the power requirements for your next project. We will source the best used industrial generator for your needs, service the generator, load bank the generator, and ship it to your location hassle free.


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