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BLOG > February 2020 > Coronavirus Increases Portable Generator Demand

Coronavirus Increases Portable Generator Demand

The Coronavirus is now a pandemic. Power generating plants across the United States taking precautions to prevent work force illness. Portable generators can supply power needs for utility outages or temporary testing and treatment sites.

Power Stability During COVID-19 Pandemic

Hospitals and Medical Facilities Require Dependable Power
The Coronavirus can infect anyone. Technicians who work in our power plants and those service/repair our electrical grid are not exempt. As the virus runs its course there is the possibility that those who generate the power and keep the electrical infrastructure in working order could be infected. Xcel Energy of Colorado acknowledges the effect the outbreak could have on electrical generation, distribution and repair.

Xcel Energy CEO Ben Fowke published a letter of commitment during the pandemic. Some of the steps they are taking are:
  • Maintain communication with local, state, federal and health agencies to coordinate responses
  • Staffing plans in place to ensure power plant and reliable service availability
  • No disconnection of service for those who cannot pay bills. Payment plans will be arranged
  • Employee travel restrictions in place and work from home programs (where applicable)
  • Enhanced cleaning of all facilities

Temporary Treatment Centers

Many states have isolated areas that get high visitor traffic. The mountains of Colorado receive visitors from around the world. The towns are small quaint and geared for vacation and tourists. If the virus spread, remote treatment centers for testing or actual patient treatment could be set up in a short amount of time.

Sometimes remote locations are chosen to fight the spread of a virus. If these locations cannot support power requirements of the treatment center, then additional steps must be taken to acquire the power. Human life can depend on the power supplied to these sites. Easy connection and operation of the generator are imperative. Portable generators offer the solution to temporary power needs.

Generator Source has more than 38 years in generator sales, service and repair field. We offer a turn-key solution to your power needs. To view our inventory of portable generators, go to Inventory. Portable generators offer ease of movement from one location to the next. Outdoor generators in sound attenuated enclosures can be used in semi-permanent locations or mounted on a trailer. For any questions go to Contact Us. This blog will explore the benefits of using a portable generator for temporary power requirements.

Portable Generators for Temporary Power Requirements

Mitsubishi 1000 kW Portable GeneratorPortable generators offer a solution to temporary power requirements. The engine, radiator, alternator (generator end) are mounted on a trailer framework. Fuel tanks large enough to accommodate engine operation at full load for a period of time are included.

The generators are available in a wide-range of sizes. As generator capacity and size increase the method of transportation changes. Below are examples:
  • Generators with a capacity of 100 kW use a ball and hitch style connection. Go to FMC Technologies (Kubota) for an example
  • Generators with a capacity of above 100 kW to 300 kW can use a ring & pintle style connections. Go to SWP GS220 for an example
  • Larger capacity generators from 400 kW to 1000 kW use a 5th wheel connection. Go to Mitsubishi 1000 kW for an example
Ring & pintle style connections used in mid-size portable generators can be used in smaller generator applications. These portable generators feature a robust trailer design allowing them to be transported over a rougher terrain. They are popular in remote construction sites.

Most of today's generators offer electronic controls. Some generator electronic control packages allow for parallel operation in a multiple generator configuration. Paralleling generators increases capacity with voltage remaining the same. 

The enclosure surrounding the generator is commonly sound attenuated. Sound attenuation dampens the sound of the engine and alternator during operation. All portable generators must be parked on a hard level surface. It is good practice to allow space for fueling and operational inspections. 

Operating Portable Generators Safely

Following basic setup rules will ensure reliable, safe power generation. Below are some considerations:
  • Never operate a portable generator indoors. Diesel & Natural Gas (NG) emissions are toxic 
  • Do not operate a portable generator in an atmosphere contaminated with explosive gases. Engine runaway and gases in area can ignite
  • Never connect or disconnect output cables on a running generator 
  • Always shutoff generator engine prior to electrical disconnection or troubleshooting
Always follow all generator manufacturers recommendations when operating a generator. It is not uncommon to schedule a visual inspection during generator operation. Size of generator fuel tank is a main component in the inspection equation.

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