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BLOG > February 2018 > Rock Crushing Plant Generator Modifications

Rock Crushing Plant Generator Modifications

Client requested modifications to a Cummins 750 kW diesel generator to power rock crushing plant.

Industrial Rock Crushers

Rock Crushing Plant
A rock crusher is a machine designed to reduce the size of large material (like rocks and stone) into smaller aggregate such as gravel, recycled concreate, crushed stone, or dust. Large mining operations can often use more than one crusher. Construction projects are also heavy users of these machines and the materials they produce. Each crusher has a different input and output classification (size of rock). Some mines use rockbreakers to reduce the size of large rocks into crushable sized rocks. 

There is more than one style of crusher available for use. A few common styles are listed below:
  • Jaw Crusher - Used for heavy mining, quarried materials, and recycling sand and gravel
  • Gyratory Crushers - Used for heavy mining and quarried materials
  • Cone Crushers - Used for quarried materials, sand and gravel
  • Impact Crushers - Used for heavy mining, quarried materials, and recycling sand and gravel
Small to medium operations can use crushers that are powered by Power Take Off (PTO) or engine drive. Mining and large industrial operations utilize large electrically powered crushing plants. These plants use power for:
  • Feed Conveyor - Motor for conveyor that transports material to crusher bin
  • Crusher - Motor that drives crusher operation
  • Output Conveyor - Motor for conveyor that distributes crushed product
  • Control Panels and Lighting - Lighting for site area and digital control panels if crusher is equipped with one
Large quantities of dust is a by-product of the crushing operation. Sometimes the best location for a rock crushing plant does not have electrical utility access. Diesel generators are often the most practial solution to meet the backup, prime, or continuous power needs these plants require. Operating engines in extreme dusty conditions can cause the filter to fail, which reduces the life or kills the engine completely.

Diesel Generator Modifications
Rock Crusher Customized Generator
Generator Source customized a 750 kW Cummins diesel generator set for a customer to operate in the extreme conditions their portable rock crushing plant produces. 

We started with a Cummins 750 kW in a sound attenuated enclosure, which is an all-in-one unit that includes a cooling system and fuel tank. The client's specifications required the abliity to run effiiciently, even in the worst possible environment.

The client's needs included:
  • Removal of sound attenuated enclosure and accompanying framework
  • Designed and constructed custom framework to accommodate installation of a pancake muffler
  • Customized welding and fabrication
  • Installation of a Donaldson air filter kit (the air filter is micro-filter designed for dusty operation)
These modifications allowed the client to operate their rock crushing plant in an above-average dusty environment. This is the second unit which we designed with these modifications.

We are the world's largest low-hour used generator dealer. We provide custom design and fabrication services to accommodate any power generation need. Our skilled staff is ready to help you in selecting in a generator that meets your power requirement needs. Our technical staff can perform any needed upgrades or fabrication. Contact us for more information.

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