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BLOG > February 2018 > Customized Generator for Aerospace Industry

Customized Generator for Aerospace Industry

Private contractor in aerospace industry purchases generator for power and testing.

Aerospace Industry Today

Private Contractor Rocket Launch
NASA (National Aeronautics Space Administration) and the ISS (International Space Station) are two of the most common acronymYess that come to mind when thinking of aerospace.

In the early years of space exploration, very little of the rocket was recovered after the launch into space. Components that are not reusable add extensively to the cost of each mission.

The Columbia was one of the first vessels that could truly be called a space ship. After it was launched into outer space, it would return after completing its mission for landing on a designated strip. This reduced the cost of manned space exploration.

Private contractors have been involved with space exploration since the beginning. In the early 1990s NASA authorized approved contractors to conduct launches. 

There are more than a few contractors that design, build, and launch rockets and spacecraft today. On Thursday, February 22, 2018, SpaceX launched two experimental satellites (Tintin A and Tintin B). These satellites are testing technologies that will allow broadband speeds 180 times faster and satellite speeds of 40 times as fast. If the test is successful, there are plans to launch over 4,400 satellites providing the world with internet in remote and rural locations.

Emergency Power
Customized Generator
The aerospace industry continues to make leaps and bounds in discovery. National and international contractors share the same need. That need is for power.

Emergency power is used in production facilities when utility power is lost because of grid failure or an act of nature. Launches are slated for a window. Delayed launch because of loss of production from utility power loss is a costly event that can be avoided. 

It is possible for launch sites to exist in remote locations. Some rural or remote locations may not have the ability to supply the power to support these launches.

Diesel Generators satisfy the need for backup, prime or continuous power requirements. The aerospace industry has special requirements that are not commonly equipped on generator sets.

We had the pleasure of supplying an aerospace contractor with a generator set customized to meet their needs. These customizations included a load bank tester, upgraded circuit breakers and control tower transformers. See the Aerospace Industry Relies on Industrial Diesel Generator for Power Solutions article for complete customization information. 

Our skilled staff is standing by to answer any questions about supplying power for your application. We can help design and fabricate a generator to meet your needs.

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