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BLOG > December 2021 > How an Industrial Backup Generator Can Benefit Your Business

How an Industrial Backup Generator Can Benefit Your Business

Every profitable business in the modern age will have a preparedness plan which will include owning a reliable backup industrial generator for their operations. By having a used industrial generator installed at the place of commerce any business interruptions during a power outage will be mitigated. Any electricity downtime due to power loss at a business will result in lost revenue which could have easily been avoided by investing in a used industrial generator from Generator Source.

Power outages occur due to a variety of reasons such as natural disasters (hurricanes), inclementDepositphotos_125304806_L.jpg weather, faulty equipment, and a poor local power grid. These elements are entirely out of any business owner’s control. Thus every business in the modern economy should create and practice a business continuation plan to keep their competitive edge in the marketplace. Having a used backup industrial generator installed at your location ensures you’ll always be prepared for any disaster or power outage.

We ship, service, and inventory generators at our Brighton CO and Jacksonville FL locations. Every used generator undergoes a 31-point inspection, engine service, and load bank test. This process helps ensure every customer can buy with confidence knowing their generator will arrive in good working condition.

How to know what size generator you need?

A used industrial generator will pay for itself several times over when installed and operated correctly. Businesses can choose to purchase or rent a used generator from Generator Source. We carry and work with every brand in the industrial generator space including Kohler, Generac, Cummins, CAT, Baldor, ASCO, MTU, Detroit Diesel, Katolight, MultiQuip, Olympian, Waukesha, Baldor, and John Deer generators. To ensure optimal generator performance, make sure to follow a regular maintenance program. For Colorado, Wyoming, and Florida customers we have highly experienced technicians who can perform this annual maintenance program!


In order to determine what size or type of new or used industrial generator you need: 

  1. Understand your power needs

  2. Estimate how often you lose power and for how long

  3. Understand the reasons why your business might encounter power outages along with the associated risk factors


The above factors will help our team determine the correct size and type of new or used industrial generator your business needs. 

Be sure to consider whether your business needs a portable generator or a permanent standbyIndoor-Generator-Applilcation.jpg generator. A portable generator is intended to use it’s mobility as a means to move the new or used generator wherever it is needed. Portable generators can easily be moved to different locations based around the power needs. A permanent or standby generator services as a backup electrical system and when paired with an automatic transfer switch, will automatically turn on when the power goes down.


4 Industries That Should Always Have Emergency Backup Power

Clinics and hospitals

Hospitals and clinics have an important responsibility in today’s economy - saving lives. Most people do not realize how important having reliable power is to these facilities. Electrical equipment such as ventilators cannot operate without electricity. So when the power goes out without an emergency backup generator in place, lives are lost. Thus the need for a new or used industrial generator is critical.

Food storage facilities

Raw chicken must be stored at 40°F (4.4 °C) or below to ensure Listeria monocytogenes and Salmonella do not produce rapidly - this same concept applies to all perishable food held in storage facilities. Any loss in power causes temperatures to rise, leading to increased bacteria production while wasting thousands of dollar’s worth of food. By installing a new or used industrial generator such business losses would be prevented.

Agriculture industry

There are over two million farm operations in the United States alone according to Statistica. Each farm needs electricity to operate machinery and equipment which keeps buildings heated or cooled to ideal temperatures. When the grid goes down and no power is being produced the farm is not able to turn a profit. That’s why farmers should invest in a new or used industrial generator from Generator Source to ensure greenhouse operations, irrigation systems, and climate control systems remain functioning.

Air transportation industry

Whenever an airport has no power the entire operation halts along with extreme risk being placed on all the passengers, pilots, and air traffic controllers. Further, the air transportation industry must have consistent power so that workers can notify the police or government agencies if a breach in security takes place or a medical emergency occurs during a flight.


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