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BLOG > December 2017 > Generators Ship to Drilling Sites in Alaska

Generators Ship to Drilling Sites in Alaska

Customized portable generators shipped to Alaska for use in oil and gas drilling sites.

Drilling in AlaskaDrilling Site
Generators equipped with diesel engines began supplying power to the drilling fields in the 1970's. They supplied power to equipment associated with drilling operations. Mobile drill rigs were introduced in the 1980's. At the turn of the century advancements made in drilling technology allow the operator to drill multiple well heads for initial investigation.

Drilling sites are often located in remote locations without the luxuries of utilities. Many drill sites conduct operations around the clock and are manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The weather in Alaska is considered to be some of the most extreme in the world. Remote location, length of day and weather conditions all add an additional layer of difficulty for machinery and life support systems.

This dictates the need for reliable and continuous and/or prime power. The size of the operation and the intended application determines the type of generator needed. Portable generators offer:

  • All components enclosed on trailer equipped with fuel tanks.
  • Easy transportation from location to location.
  • Quick setup and shutdown procedures.
Recently we sold five portable generators to meet the needs of some remote drilling sites. The customer purchased two new SWP (QP 220) and three low hour used Atlas Copco (QP220) generators. All five generators required up fits to allow for reliable operation in the harsh conditions.

Generator Modifications
Up fits are additions to a stock generator setup. The up fits can range from electrical to engine systems modifications. Client determined modifications to accommodate all operational needs in the extreme conditions. Up fits are divided into the three categories below.


The electrical up fits that were installed onto the generator included:
  • Arktite motor plugs controlled by breakers.
  • Hubble connectors.
  • Lockable master select switch, interlock and battery disconnect switch.
These features allow safe operation while supplying multiple output connection capability. The generator has the capability to be used in a variety of applications that require supply power.

Mechanical System

Mechanical system up fits allow for ease of use and safe operation. These included:

Generator Output Panel

  • Rerouting of CCV hose.
  • Improve outside fueling capability.
  • Fluid upgrades.
  • Murphy oil level maintenance system.
Improvements to these systems added engine safety, environmental improvements and extend operating capabilities at low temperatures.

Trailer and Enclosure

The trailer and enclosure up fits included:
  • Construction style lighting connector, running lights.
  • Panel hitch.
  • Adjustable cold weather covers on intake air vents.
We professionally installed all of the up fits. Once completed the stock generators are now ready for dependable operation in extreme weather conditions. To get more details, pictures, and a video of this project click here.

Our skilled technical staff can up fit the generator you select to your needs. Contact us at 877-538-5430.

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