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BLOG > April 2020 > Top Reasons To Buy A Used Backup Generator

Top Reasons To Buy A Used Backup Generator

Important reasons why every business needs to have a standby generator in operations.

When the power to your property goes down that shouldn’t mean your business operations come to a grinding halt. Owning a reliable used backup generator and having the used generator professionally installed at your property will provide peace of mind and bottom line improvement to your operations. Any down time due to power outages from storms or grid failure will be a thing of the past with a used industrial generator from Generator Source.

Automatic 24/7 Used Generator Backup Power 

Generator Sources' used backup generators work automatically as permanently installed appliances that operate on a needs basis. When a power outage occurs our used generators begin supplying power to your facility within seconds. Our used industrial generators sense whenever a power outage occurs and starts itself immediately. Once the used generator is started, a signal is sent to the automatic transfer switch which disconnects the utility lines and connects the facilities power to the used generator.

Minutes, hours, or days later (whenever the utility company get’s power restored) the used industrial generator will reconnect the property to the utility provider and proceeds to shut itself down. All of this happens automatically without any management or oversight on your end.

Our customers don’t need to worry about the utility company, their business operations power supply, or lost workforce participation due to down time. Generator Source’s used industrial generators are dependence, reliable, and quality assured.

Safe and Reliable Used Backup Generators

When it comes to safety and reliability Generator Source has delivered quality, load-bank-testing used generators to our customers for over 38 years. Once your generator is professionally installed you will enjoy and benefit from continuous backup power provided by our used industrial standby generators.
Used Generators Operate in Any Weather
Generator Source carries backup commercial generator systems that will fit every budget and situation. We buy and sell 20 kW - 4000 kW commercial gensets. Contact our experienced professionals to learn more!

Used Generators Operate in Any Weather

Hurricanes and other tumultuous weather conditions can wreck havoc on a business’ energy supply. When your workforce cannot serve your customer’s needs due to a power outage, having a backup industrial generator on standby can save your organization hundreds of thousands in lost revenue. Customers may become ill-willed if they cannot reach your company in the event of a power outage which may create negative PR and negative word-of-mouth marketing. For these reasons it’s paramount for every successful business and consumer serving facility to have reliable backup power in the form of a used generator provider by Generator Source!  

Please contact the team at Generator Source for all your used industrial generator needs.

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