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BLOG > April 2017 > Storing Diesel Fuel - What You Need to Know

Storing Diesel Fuel - What You Need to Know

When storing diesel fuel, there are a few key aspects you need to be aware of including how long you'll be storing it, fuel stability, tank conditions and more.  

storing-diesel-fuel.pngWhen your genset runs on diesel, there are some extra considerations to keep in mind when storing fuel for future use.
After all, getting a backup generator makes no sense if the fuel isn’t readily available to use. Even worse, improperly storing your diesel fuel can create a safety issue for you and your business. But there’s no need to worry because we’ve taken the guesswork out of long-term diesel storage.

How Long Can Diesel Be Stored?

Unfortunately, as soon as diesel leaves the refinery, it begins to oxidize. As it oxidizes, sediments form in the diesel that can irreparably damage your generator. While it is possible to delay the oxidation process by keeping your diesel fuel at cooler temperatures (below 70 degrees Fahrenheit), diesel fuel typically only lasts around 6 to 12 months.
As a result, it’s a good idea to be aware of how much diesel you have onsite as well as how long it’s been sitting in the tank.

Tips For Keeping Fuel Stable

If you’re hoping to prolong the shelf life of your stored diesel, the use of biocides and stability treatments can extend the lifespan of your fuel. Biocides actively attack diesel fuel bacteria growth, which blocks harmful sediments from forming. Fuel stability treatments, meanwhile, prevent the diesel from breaking down on a chemical level.
It’s also important to make sure that the storage tanks themselves are properly maintained. Over time, water contamination can be a very real threat for any diesel storage unit. Most experts recommend that you minimize the amount of empty space inside your storage tank, as this can allow moisture to accumulate. Unwanted water within the tank can create a whole host of problems, including but not limited to,  degradation of fuel quality.  

Storage and Tank Regulations

Regulations on fuel storage units can vary from state to state. There are different laws and policies in every area of the country, so it’s important to acquaint yourself with local policies prior to installing or placing your storage tank on your property.
Before purchasing and storing your diesel fuel, you’ll need to know whether your tank is underground, bunkered or above ground, whether it meets the local structural and leak prevention measures, as well as the appropriate actions for repair, alteration or reconstruction.

The Best Conditions For Storing Diesel

In addition to storing your diesel fuel at slightly cooler temperatures, there are several other considerations that go into safely storing your diesel fuel.
Make sure that your diesel is stored in an isolated area. If you’re working with an above ground tank, it’s a good idea to build some kind of canopy or enclosure around the tank to keep water out and reduce the amount of sun directly striking your tank. If your tank is situated below your genset, you’ll want to be sure it’s situated on a slab or raised surface to help with accessibility.
Keep an eye on your tank to avoid water build up. Never let water pool at the top or on the sides of your diesel tank and check inside the tank regularly to make sure moisture hasn’t built up on the inside.
Finally, it might go without saying, but keep your storage tanks far away from any points of ignition. If there are any electrical outlets near your storage tanks, have an electrician check them for safety.

Keep Your Genset Humming

At Generator Source, we understand the importance of making sure your diesel fuel is ready to go when you need it. That’s why we take pride in our keen knowledge of diesel consumption requirements, current diesel prices and your generator needs, and then translate that into real value for our customer.

When you need diesel fuel for your industrial generator, and you want nothing but the best, Generator Source is waiting to hear from you.

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