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BLOG > April 2017 > Standby Power Generation: Storm Seasons Around the US

Standby Power Generation: Storm Seasons Around the US

Whether your on the east coast, west coast, or somewhere in between - be sure your business is prepared for whatever weather may arise.

Standby Generators Supply Power During Storm Related OutagesNo matter where you live in the United States, there’s always the possibility that weather conditions will change on a dime which may leave you staring down the barrel of real trouble. Fortunately, the weather tends to follow a loose set of patterns year after year, which can make it easier not only to predict what kind of weather may be on the horizon but to prepare for severe weather before it strikes.
At Generator Source, we want our customers to be ready for even the worst of situations; that’s why we sell top of the line gensets to companies and entrepreneurs who need a reliable power supply that they can rely on.
When you’re thinking about purchasing an industrial generator, you should know what kind of potential issues you’re going to encounter. And that begins with thinking about the forecasted weather in your region.


Tornado season typically extends from early May through July. However, you might be surprised to discover that tornadoes can conceivably occur in any state across the US. That being said, between the southern border of Texas and northern border of Illinois, midwestern states can see several dozen tornadoes in a short period each season.


Prevailing wind currents can create massive storm cells off the eastern coast of the United States between June and November. Residents in the path of a hurricane can expect to endure extreme winds, rain, intermittent power outages and even flying debris.

Heavy Snow

People living in the Northeast or the Great Lakes area are at particular risk for severe snow fall during the months of October through March. Persistent, heavy snow can freeze power lines or topple trees, leaving your business in the dark and without heat.

Heavy Rains and Flooding

Those people who call the Pacific Northwest home are at risk for severe rains throughout the year. Heavy rains can be detrimental in and of themselves, but during winter months, this rain can turn to ice and put a serious hurt on your business. Along with the rain comes a potential for flooding and mudslides. Both of these conditions can cause a potential loss in power, loss in communication and even physically cut you and your business off from available emergency services.

Extreme Heat

Extremely hot temperatures can cause blackouts especially for people living in the Southwest who are enduring 100-plus degree temperatures between April and September. When drowning in heat, local  businesses in these areas tend to turn their air conditioning on at full blast. When hundreds of homes and facilities in the area follow suit, the extra strain on power grids can cause them to shut down, creating widespread blackouts.

Protect Against Any Severe Storm or Weather

Hey, severe weather happens no matter where you live in the country. So it’s safe to assume that you should have a backup power plan in place. When you need to keep your business secure in the face of Mother Nature, call the pros at Generator Source and let us find the right genset for you and your business.

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