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Industrial Emergency Generators for Government Agencies

Emergency generators are a vital resource for government agencies as they keep day-to-day business running smoothly. 


Emergency Generators Supply Power to Government AgenciesWhether you realize it or not, our nation’s very infrastructure relies on emergency generators to keep it running from day to day. In every community and every state, our jobs, our education, our prosperity, and our very safety rely, in some part, on the efficacy of emergency generators.
If you’ve never given a thought as to how instrumental an emergency generator can be to your daily life, then you’re overlooking a safety net that has enriched lives around the world. At Generator Source, we’re extremely proud of the work being done by the top notch industrial generators we sell and service within every industry. Below we’ve listed some government agencies who rely heavily on backup generators to keep their organizations running smoothly, no matter the situation.


Industrial generators are literal lifesavers in hospitals. When the lights go out, hospitals depend on emergency industrial generators to keep saving lives. If a generator malfunctions, the hospital might be forced to close its doors, as was the case with St Mary's Hospital in Albany, New York. Without generators, vital equipment like ventilators, electrocardiographs, anesthesia machines, surgical equipment and other electrically-powered hospital equipment would be rendered useless.   

Garbage and Recycling

Because the employees who work in Waste Management are constantly engulfed in hazardous or noxious fumes, proper ventilation is always important. When the lights go out, those people simply can’t afford for the air to stop circulating, which is where a reliable emergency generator comes in. This same philosophy comes into play with regards to computer systems, monitoring methods and sorting equipment like shakeout machines and cranes. With the millions of pounds of waste that is processed on a daily basis, even a few hours without power can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in backups and delays.  

Water Treatment Facilities

Modern-day water treatment facilities are expected to pump as much as one million gallons of water each day. When the power goes out, that need for fresh, clean water doesn’t simply go away. That’s why water treatment plants rely on emergency generators to ensure that their machinery is steadily creating potable water. Besides pumps and filtration there’s essential equipment that tests water for purity, monitors flow and pressure, as well as tests for  


As any parent can easily imagine, when the lights go out at a school, it’s a recipe for chaos. That’s why emergency generators are an invaluable resource for educational institutions. Generators keep the heat on, the lights working, computers functioning, and ensure that teachers and students stay safe no matter what the emergency may entail. This is true for educational institutions from elementary schools to universities. Unforeseen consequences of not utilizing a backup generator can include loss ventilation in parking garages, loss of power to elevators and powered locks, as well as power surges and lost data within central computer systems.  


At a correctional facility, emergency generators are an utter necessity. In the event of a power outage, generators keep the cameras on, the alarms active, and the cell doors closed. A failure in any of these departments could lead to possible catastrophe as well as safety issues for guards, inmates and visitors. Thankfully, most of these establishments have redundant power systems in place to keep guards and inmates securely where they belong - meaning that even if one generator fails, they have multiple others in place to make up for it.


As with many government office buildings across the country, emergency generators keep the lights on at your local courthouse as well. It may seem as though one day of lost work is feasible, but consider all of the events that happen daily within these establishments. From trials and litigations to marriages and family court hearings, there are millions who depend on these services to go about their daily lives. And those are just the on-site situations; there are also those who are using online systems to look into traffic tickets, applying for jobs, filing reports and more. Lastly, generators keep basic building features running including cameras and security measures, elevators, and computer servers.

It’s Generator Source or It’s Just Second Rate

In every industry, private and public, emergency generators are an integral piece of equipment. Not only do they need to work at a moment’s notice, but they also need to last. That’s why it’s essential that your emergency generator is purchased from a trustworthy team of skilled professionals like the folks at Generator Source. We take immense pride in delivering the highest quality products that work perfectly, especially when you need them most. Contact us today and we’ll point you in the right direction towards the best used generator for your business.

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