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BLOG > April 2017 > Decoding Common Myths: Industrial Generator Facts

Decoding Common Myths: Industrial Generator Facts

Installing an a new or used generator can be a big job. Be sure you know all the facts before you get started.

Generator Source Offers All Sizes of GeneratorsUnless you’ve got a degree in engineering, the odds are that you haven’t spent a large portion of your adult education learning the in’s and out’s of industrial generators. While that lack of knowledge might not be a disadvantage on a daily basis, when securing a quality industrial generator for your business, you’ll need all the facts you can get.
Don’t get stuck buying more (or less) than you need. Here is what you should know when looking at the purchase of an industrial generator.
Myth: It’s Important to Keep ALL the Lights on During an Outage
Depending on which industry you call your own, the number of things you need to keep up and running when the lights go out will vary. Retail stores will want to make sure that walkways are lit and that their registers can still ring up customers. Restaurants will have the added consideration of keeping their refrigerators running. High-tech industries will need to ensure their servers don’t skip a beat.
The point is, that while your generator will need to keep some items online, not everything needs to have full power in the event of an outage.
Myth: Size Doesn’t Matter
Once you’ve mapped out the aspects of your business that are absolutely necessary during an outage, it’s time to think about size. Choosing the right generator can impact everything from the life of the generator to the personal safety of you and your employees. Size will be dependent on power needs, available space and other factors specific to your needs and location.
Myth: All Generator Fuels Are the Same
Modern generators are powered by a wide variety of fuels, from gasoline and diesel to propane and biofuels. While you might think that it doesn’t matter what’s powering your generator, the type of fuel that your genset runs on is a big consideration.
Gasoline is common, for example, but diesel is less expensive in the long term. Propane, meanwhile, has a long shelf-life. Depending on your needs and the frequency with which you use your industrial generator, fuel can be one of the most important things to think about when purchasing a generator.
Myth: Generators Largely Don’t Require Maintenance
Don’t neglect your genset once it’s installed. That’s a surefire way to have it fail when you need it most. Fortunately, you can rely on the skilled professionals working at Generator Source to help ensure that your industrial generator is always running at peak performance.
Myth: You Can Plop a Generator Anywhere
To make sure that your industrial generator has the best shot at a long and productive life, you need to consider a number of variables before you officially put it in a place. You’ll need to think about:
  • a location that is safe from the elements and/or in a weatherproof enclosure
  • a location where things like water can’t get at it if flooding occurs
  • a location where the noise from the running generator won’t disturb your employees or your clients
  • proper ventilation measures
  • where access to mains power is located and if wiring is planned out
  • whether or not to use a manual or automatic transfer switch
There’s also a matter of ensuring that your industrial generator adheres to local codes, a chore that can be easily remedied when you employ pros who know the landscape and the restrictions of installing a genset. For more information on this topic see our previous article on site planning.

Myth: Installing an Industrial Genset is a Do-It-Yourself Project

Well, technically you can install your own industrial generator. That said, proper placement and setup is a technical and often an electrical process that requires heavy machinery and an understanding of commercial electricity. Considering the importance of a generator to your business, your best bet is to have your generator installed by an electrical contractor or professional team with generator experience who can ensure that everything is working properly from the beginning.
For more information you can also read our previous article on Installation Considerations.
At Generator Source, we’ve got a huge stock of industrial generators designed to meet any need as well as a passionate crew with years of experience who are ready to help you find the generator your business needs.

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