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High Profile Denver Area Decommission   

This past week an AT&T Data Center was being decommissioned for a new tenant in a building outside of Denver. Generator Source was called on site to complete a walkthrough and inspection of the generators, the property, and what would be needed as a team to complete the project in a couple of days.  

“Our team kept commenting on what a beautiful facility this building was, but with beauty comes increased responsibility,” said Jeremy, decommission project manager. “Due to the nature of the facility, our team worked closely with the local fire marshall, safety managers, regional managers, and a strict schedule with the assistance of local pilot cars, cranes, and fuel removal companies.

4-(1).jpg“We arranged a time with the customer to perform an initial inspection and during the inspection we also determined the layout of the site, what equipment would be needed to be removed and the tools needed to complete the decommission,” added Jeremy.

“We also inspected the location to determine the best removal procedure while checking the fuel tank levels to determine the amount to removed prior to shipping,” said Jeremy. “Working closely with the facilities manager on expectations for the project, we then disconnected cables from generator circuit breaks for the generator units, disconnected and removed all circuit breaker cabinets, removed all remaining fuel from the three tanks, while preparing the generators and enclosures for the crane and shipping.”


As part of the decommissioning, we then load the generators, in this case, three 1500 kW Cummins units, and tanks onto three trucks with trailers, according to Jeremy.

“Then it was off to our yard, escorted by pilot cars closely on the route to reach our facility in Brighton,” added Jeremy. “Once the three units landed in Brighton, they began the preparation for sale with our 31-point Inspection.”

Do you have a generator on your site and not sure where to begin with a decommission project like this? Contact our purchasing team today at (303) 500-8928 or email  

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*On this project we worked with Duffy Crane, ATP and Kindred West


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