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Broomfield Colorado Generator Deinstallation

Size of Generators 

Crane Loading Caterpillar Generator
Caterpillar 2500 kW and a Caterpillar 350 kW generator.

Customer Communications

This client contacted us and expressed an interest in selling their generators. The customer requested that removal and shipping be included in the package. We arrived at the site and assessed the generators.

Our job included removal and transportation of the generators. Large generators require multiple steps to disconnect the load and ship them to our yard. We presented a plan to the customer for the purchase and removal of the generators. The plan was accepted and we accommodated the client with updates throughout all stages of the project.


Fredona, Kansas

Services Provided

Each generator deinstallation is different from the next. Generators must be decommissioned. Decommissioning includes withdrawing the generator from service. All equipment associated with the emergency generation operation must be disconnected.

Semi tractor-trailers were required to move the 2500 kW generator. Generator Source supplied the truck for the 350-kW generator transportation. Crane services were arranged to complete disassembly and loading of the emergency generators. Shipping and crane vendors had to be coordinated for a seamless operation.

Our team decommissioned and de-installed both emergency generators and disconnected the associated auxiliary systems. We supplied all of the heavy equipment that was needed to complete the job. The team arrived in a local service truck with a deinstall trailer in tow, and we also brought a local delivery truck with a crane and trucking vendors.

The project required multiple steps to complete. The steps are divided into groups with a brief explanation below:

Assessment and Presentation

Removing Generator Engine Muffler
We arranged a time with the customer to perform an initial inspection. During the inspection, some of the checks we completed were:
  • Determined what equipment was needed for the removal, and the tools to complete the task
  • Inspected the location for use of crane, making sure no obstructions were present
  • Checked the fuel tank level to determine the amount to be removed prior to shipping
  • Determined the best method for the 2500 kW disassembly and loading
  • Determined a method for disconnection and shipping preparation for the AC systems
During the assessment, we conducted a photo shoot to document all of the equipment and its location. Using the photos and data gathered in the assessment, our staff created a Statement of Work (SOW) for the project.

During the creation of the SOW, many factors, such as the equipment needed for disassembly, loading, and  transportation were listed. The complete emergency generator system disconnection and/or removal for both generators was included.

We met with the client and provided the in-depth SOW we created. Each point in the statement was explained to their satisfaction. After all questions were answered, the de-installation date was set.

Multiple crews arrived on location on the date set. The generators were disconnected, prepared for shipping, and loaded. This required a coordinated effort between at least two separate vendors in addition to us and the customer.

The end goal of the project was to disconnect/disassemble, transport, and prepare two caterpillar generators for sale. Properly executed projects allow both the customer and Generator Source to end up ahead. Below is a brief description of some of the milestone steps included in the decommissioning and deinstallation.

Emergency Generators & Equipment 

Deinstallation Services Included Crane
There were a number of steps completed to decommission the emergency generators and the generator. Each generator has low operating hours and is housed in a sound attenuated enclosure. Both are ready to be set on a flat level surface and connected to the emergency or backup power grid. For more information click Caterpillar 2500 kW or Caterpillar 350 kW.

Project milestones are tasks that show an important achievement in project completion. Below is a list of these tasks:
  • Disconnected cables from generator circuit breakers for both generator units
  • Disconnect and removed circuit breaker cabinet
  • Disconnected load bank from 350 kW generator
  • Disconnect transformer
  • Disconnect AC units and prepared for vendor pickup
  • Removed 2500 kW generator muffler and enclosure - crane services needed for disassembly
  • Prepared both generator units, 2500 kW muffler and enclosure for shipping
  • Loaded 2500 generator on semi-trailer
  • Separated loads for 350 kW generator, 2500 kW enclosure and muffler
  • Received and unload generators at Brighton CO. location
  • Unload generators, enclosure and muffler
  • Assembled the 2500 kW generator
  • Prepared generators for sale and performed a 31-point inspection
While this example is local, we offer complete de-installation of generators across the US and most of Canada. For larger generators in the 500 kW to 2500 kW and layer range, we typically offer an initial on-site visit where we can fly to your facility for a project assessment, provide a scope of the project, and then bid on the equipment or service offered.

Generator Source can de-install generators and equipment used in most facilities. We also offer complete data center decommissioning, and numerous de-installation, rapid removal, and purchasing options. Call 720-943-0336 now to speak with a de-install expert or Contact Us Online for more information.


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