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Trade Shows, Conferences & Expos

This page contains information and listings on a number of the trade shows, conferences, and exhibits that are focused on the diesel engine and/or electric power generation industries.   

Electric Power Expo - information and exhibition on the latest power generation technologies, focuses on the needs of management, engineering, and operations' decision-makers from power generating companies, at the plant and corporate management levels.

Globalcon - presented by the Association of Energy Engineers, Globalcon is centered around energy, exploring new technologies, comparing energy supply options, and providing information on cost-effective innovative project implementations.

National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) - large show with electrical contractors, engineers, manufacturers, utilities, consultants, specifiers, plant engineers, and distributors from throughout the US and numerous foreign countries.

Power-Gen International - annual show with focus on power generation from renewables to turbines and on-site backup power. 

SAE Commercial Vehicle Engineering Exhibition - targeted towards professionals from the diesel engine, on and off-highway, truck, construction, and agricultural engineering industries.

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