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Surprising Industries That Use Backup Generators


Generators Allow Recreational Vehicles Ability for Remote OutingsWe’ve all experienced it at some time in our lives. You’re watching your favorite show then BAM! The lights go out, the television shuts off and you’re sitting in a completely quiet, pitch black room. Power outages can happen anytime, anywhere and for all kinds of reasons.


But have you ever wondered how businesses handle situations when the power goes out? Like, what happens when the power goes out in an ice cream manufacturing facility? Do they race to get all the freezer doors shut and take a break until the power comes back? Nope – the ones who are prepared have backup systems and procedures in place, most of which include generators. And this is true of many businesses and industries across the nation.


So what industries use backup generators? You may be surprised to discover that a multitude of businesses, even businesses you’ve never thought about, use backup generators to keep their operations running 24/7 – even when the power goes out.  Below we’ve listed a few examples of some surprising industries that use generators as well as a handful of reasons as to why they would need to keep their “lights on”.



When the power goes out, these locations need to make sure their guests and residents are safe and secure at all times.

  • Hotels – heating, lights, elevators, security cameras, communication services
  • Resorts – restaurants, trams or gondolas, pool filtration and pumps
  • Amusement Parks – rides, food storage and prep, restrooms, payment services
  • Zoos – keeping cages locked, heating/cooling animal enclosures, keeping the lights on for guests
  • Ski Areas – snow production machines, ski lifts, heating lodges and buildings
  • Casinos – slot machines, cash machines, security cameras, communication systems


Shopping Malls Require Backup or Emergency Power

It would not make for a great shopping experience if you get stuck in a pitch black store when you just wanted to buy some shoes.
Retailers must ensure that their patrons, employees and their products are safe during any type of power failure.

  • Department Stores – lights, payment stations, security cameras
  • Car Dealerships – lights, computers, security cameras
  • Gas Stations – lights, pumps, payment services, security cameras


When the power fails these companies can’t afford to lose all of their products due to uncontrolled temperatures and conditions. 

  • Distribution Centers – freezers, refrigerators, loading banks, computing systems
  • Bakeries/Catering Centers – ovens, packaging equipment
  • Restaurants – stoves, refrigerators, lights for patrons, payment stations and cash registers
  • Ice Cream Trucks – freezers, payment station
  • Seafood Facilities – freezer storage, temperature stability, communications


Government/State Services

Just because the power goes out, doesn’t mean these services can just take the day off.

  • Garbage & Recycling – separation equipment, cleaning equipment, computers
  • Water Treatment – pumps, filtration systems, computers, communications
  • Schools/Universities – lights, computer systems and servers, libraries
  • Embassies – computer servers, security cameras and checkpoints, gated entrances


The telephone not only connects the world but is also critical in the event of an emergency when people require immediate assistance. 

  • Cell Phone Towers - almost every one has a standby generator on it
  • Switching Facilities - often have to run these with prime power in remote areas or during outages


The show must go on. Whether you’re attending a play or concert, the need for power is never ending.
The last thing you want is an upset mob of people stuck in the dark.  

  • Film Crews – cameras, lighting, microphones/sound computers
  • Concerts – lighting, sound boards, speakers, computers, ticket systems, payment systems 
  • Events – ticketing systems, lights, communications, payment systems

Power Plants and Energy

Power Generating Facility

To avoid running out of power most modern power plants often have generators installed for worst case scenarios.

  • Nuclear Power Plants - most have standby gensets installed for contingency plans
  • Wind Farms - for when the wind does not blow, many wind farms have backup generator sets in place
  • Solar Power Plants - for when the sun does not shine! Many solar installations use backup gensets
  • Renewable Energy Facilities & Microgrids - systems with combined renewables and energy storage often have gensets


These companies could potentially lose millions of dollars’ worth of products and services in just a few short hours of power loss.
To avoid this worst case scenario, they utilize backup generators to keep production running seamlessly.

  • Marijuana Farms – lights for growing, watering components, security cameras, air filtration
  • Livestock Farming Facilities – lighting, milk pumps, fans, heating, electric fences, watering systems
  • Observatories – computers, lights, IT servers, communications
  • Book Binding Companies – printers, binders, boxing machines, loading docks
  • Laboratories – computers, refrigeration equipment, fans, cleanrooms
  • Dentist/Doctor Offices – lights, medical equipment, fans, computers

These are just a handful of the many industries that utilize backup generators. Just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t running in the background. You might have even been in a store that had a major power failure and didn’t even notice because their generator kept things running smoothly. 

If you’d like to learn more about industrial backup generators or the industries that utilize them, contact Generator Source​ today for more information.

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